Crazy Zombies Car Wars 3D

Crazy Zombies Car Wars 3D gives you the action packed thrill of driving your zombie roadkill machine through an area marred with an apocalypse. Become the ultimate zombie smash force of destruction. Wipe out horde of zombie as they claw and try to crawl inside your zombie roadkill war truck. Embark on a dangerous zombie road trip and eliminate any living dead creatures in your way. The game starts off in an apocalyptic area where a recent viral disease has spread`out and has caused a lethal zombie outbreak. There are no survivors left behind and everyone is left for dead. Be the hero and prepare yourself for a zombie assault against undead creatures.You will enjoy car mania in this game. Choose from 3 zombie shooter trucks with flamethrower and sub machine guns. Kill or be killed as you face an exodus of creatures that will kill any living thing coming in its way.


  • Choose from muscle car, army battle truck & machine gun war transport truck.
  • Realistic animations of explosions & zombie attack.
  • Awesome transporter truck driving physics.
  • Lots of zombie hunt & speedway fun.
  • Be the ultimate zombie squad destruction force.