Crime Gangsta City Station

Action city gangster game (streets of crime), Crime Gangsta City Station 3D, puts you in the driving seat of this exciting street gangster sim mafia game. Roam around in mafia crime empire (Vegas, Miami) to rise through the ranks as you stop other gangster from taking over your turf, perform drive-by car crime simulator objectives. Watch out for all of the rival gangsters of crime town AND evade city crime chases! FEATURES: - Amazingly detailed 3D cars for crime drivers to evade police! - Evade city crime police chases in Vegas, Miami crime town - Avoid police arrests in Massive Open World City Environment - Crime simulator gripping story, simulating a gangster's life and the thrills they go through - Realistic car driving and damage physics - Crime town mafia gang simulator 3D game - Action Packed gangster drive-by driving Missions, All Unlocked for Free as player proceeds through game! Crime Gangsta City Station 3D brings you action-packed gangster simulation missions. You're the latest crew member of the biggest gang in the city and highly talked about street crime skills. Do jobs like ramming into enemy gang vehicles, driving at super fast speed, using super-powerful weapons to take them out, and so much more! Get ready and pick up the controller and become the best gangster in Crime Gangsta City Station 3D!

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6 July 2016

this is so awesome but one thing is make it cooler because there is only 6 lvls so pls do that:)


15 May 2016

it is very good game plzzz install


9 April 2016

this is useful


28 February 2016

I try to play and I cant even get pass the loading screen!!