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Complete with full scrollable editions and a brilliant interactive archive, you're guaranteed the very best news stories and pictures available on your device. Editions look great on your device, published in exceptional clarity, with an incredible touch screen experience allowing you to swipe through articles and pictures at your leisure. Flip your device and read the magazine as double page spread or tap the page selector to choose from a thumbnail image of each page. You can also download whole editions to enjoy offline and when you are on the go. Your Daily Egyptian app features search, customizable zoom and social networking tools. To find specific content, simply use the powerful search which draws results from within the edition. Please note that an Internet connection is required to initially download digital editions. Once downloaded, they may be read without an active connection.


  • Full editions – Read your automatically updated magazine by scrolling and swiping through individual or double page spreads.
  • Download and offline usage – Save whole editions to view later
  • Archive - Browse past editions of Daily Egyptian in full

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17 August 2013

If this were online daily, I would use this app every day. I will definitely be checking for updates. This is a hidden sic news gem