Daily Tarot

Each card in this deck is like a door and can open up worlds You are about to start a journey of self-discovery with a collection of images created to inspire. Discover Tarot in your way.


  • Tarot card for every day. Tarot Spread for you and everyone you know
  • Share your Tarot card with your friend on facebook, mail, etc

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8 May 2014

I love the graphics on these cards, and if the tarots are your thing or not it's simple and to the point. I just wish they would add a whole spread to their topics!


11 March 2014

I wish it had more catagories and subject and more detailed readings. but still good app


5 February 2014

When the reading is longer then the screen there is no way to scroll down to read the rest


30 September 2013

Whoever developed this app needs to proof read because there are quite a few typos. Also, when I'm trying to read the card, there is nothing to scroll so sometimes I cannot read the entire reading which really sucks. It won't let me move or scroll to the bottom and finish reading the message.