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    Exciting updates are once again coming to Daily Wallpaper Viewer! Based on popular demand, version 1.2 adds two new settings: 1) "Auto Confirm" Eliminates the need for you to confirm every action you take, making downloading pictures much easier. 2) "No Success Messages" removes messages that just confirm that your action was successful. Error messages will show up normally. Look out for more updates soon! PLEASE NOTE: Only 3 weeks worth of Bing images are archived online, that is why you only see a maximum of 3 weeks. Saving an image from a Windows Store app as a desktop wallpaper is not allowed by Microsoft in Windows 8. This seems to have changed in Windows 10, and i am looking into it. Stay tuned!

Daily Wallpaper Viewer

Fabulous photos from Bing are released every day, and they are perfect for lock screens and wallpaper. Daily Wallpaper Viewer displays the Bing photos for the last month along with the information of each photo in a simple categorized way. It is the most feature rich application of it's kind on the Windows 8 Store to date. You can switch between the different Bing regions, and display local photos for Germany, China, Japan, France, and more. All the regions languages are supported. Search for specific photos if you want, download multiple photos to your picture library, share them by mail or SkyDrive, or even set them as your Windows 8 lock screen. Downloading photos to your computer will store the photo's information as well, so you can search for them locally later if needed. Daily Wallpaper Viewer is perfect for laptops, ultrabooks and tablets. It is multi-touch capable with pinch-zoom and flipping support, and it has been optimized for different screen sizes and orientations. You can snap the application to the side, and still get a great layout. Daily Wallpaper Viewer also has a live tile, which updates daily to show you a preview today's new picture. You will also get a lock screen notification, showing you the number of new pictures you haven't seen since the last time you launched the app. Look out for even more features coming up soon! Note: Bing is a copyright owned by Microsoft. This app is not developed by nor endorsed by Microsoft.


  • NEW! - Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 support
  • NEW! - "Auto Confirm" and "No Success Messages" settings for quicker usage
  • Switch between the different regions
  • Search for specific photos
  • Download HD photos to your picture library
  • Preview today's new image on the live tile
  • Multi-touch capable, so great for tablets and ultrabooks too
  • Share the images you like with the integrated Windows 8 sharing feature
  • Automatically change your lockscreen to today's picture
  • Automatically download today's picture to your picture library
  • and much more...

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4 August 2015

loved this app! Now my desktop and lockscreen looks amazing thanks to this app and the beautiful wallpapers it offers.


19 November 2014



19 October 2014

Very good. One thing that would make it better is the ability to change the location where the pictures are saved. That would make it 5 stars.


2 October 2014

Delightful tool for (enjoying & saving) Bing daily desktop images! Light, quick, easy to use and versatile! Essential for anyone who relishes Bing's daily desktop images & wants them readily available to view, enjoy, apply and/or to save them daily! And the price is perfect too - Free!


2 September 2014

I like this app, it is nearly perfect. Had I to make one small criticism, it would be that it takes too many button presses to download a single background. The count now sits at four button presses (if you include the initial right-mouse click). There is no reason this process should not be reduced down to two button clicks: one for the right-mouse click, and the second for actually saving the wallpaper. Other than the one complaint, the app is near perfect.


18 August 2014

1920X1200 is more Great!!!


17 June 2014

It's a great feeling seeing a beautiful lock screen picture every day.


12 May 2014

It is good, but I need more HD quality pics from other regions.


7 May 2014

There are very good wallpapers shown everyday in this app. Amazing even! It is simple and functional. However, now it shows a message that it has to be connected to the internet in order to work and couldn't have left this review otherwise. It deserves five stars when working, therefore I deducted one.


7 April 2014

I have used this app for months now and it's fantastic! My kids enjoy how the lockscreen is different every morning. I created my own collection of these that I rotate as wallpaper. I did notice a subtle change recently, however. Previously, this app would have pics at 1920x1200 resolution with the Bing watermark, same as you could download on the site. As of about 1 April, that changed to 1920x1080 and no Bing watermarks. Personally, the resolution made no difference to me, but I did like having the watermark on there. This is still the only way I can get downloads from days Bing uses an animated background for it's Image of the Day. Highly recommend!

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