Dailyaha is a smart and friendly news reader that allows you to follow your favorite news, videos, magazines, and blogs in multiple languages and global regions. Browse through extensive content catalog to create a fully personalized news reading experience. Read beautifully presented articles arranged in a magazine layout, and view interesting YouTube videos in full-screen. Also, with the 3D page flipping effect, the smooth transition gives you the feel of actually flipping a book.


  • A fully personalized news reading experience with 3D page flipping effect.
  • Easy to navigate Catalog, comprising of an extensive list of over 9000 news sources.
  • Built-in YouTube player allows you to watch videos in full-screen.
  • More choices in font style and text size to fit your reading need.
  • Chic magazine style layout.
  • Near-print quality reading experience.
  • Full language and contents edition support for 15 global regions.
  • Search and add more channels that you like by entering keywords or URL.
  • Display search results in categories: News, RSS, YouTube, Picasa, and Facebook Pages.
  • Include Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and Feedly management in Editor’s Choice.
  • Follow your Facebook News Feed, Friends, Groups, and Likes.

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23 May 2016



21 December 2015

Well organized and great search engine


10 August 2015

Been using Dailyaha for some a while now (9+ months) and it does a solid job. Don't recall any system locks or other issues. Gets news fast - easy. A good option to consider.


21 July 2015

Best news feed I had found


26 April 2015

Excelente personal acceso rápido varias fuentes multimedia.


6 April 2015

Needs to sync w/ feedly favorites and not with local DailyAha copy. Cannot see articles saved as favs from mobile. Besides that, it's awesome. How can we remove ads?


2 April 2015

Nice interface but lots of room for improvement. Like the near book experience when you read your feeds. Like it allows users to synchronize across machines.


9 March 2015

Switched to this after Weave was announced to be closing down, does the job well and syncs to my WP device.


1 March 2015

Love this app! Covers all areas in current news. The best app. I found:)


23 February 2015

it`s to hard to find a place between the 100 of thousands of good Apps , but this one got it.

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