Dark Reverie

Dark Reverie is a 2D action, hack & slash, arena fighter set in the comatose mind of a person struggling and suffering to come to terms with the sins of his past. The player must fight against the manifestations conjured up within their mind. Dark Reverie is playable using a Touch Screen but a keyboard is recommended for maximum enjoyment.


  • Fluid scythe combat
  • A selection of combat skills for tactical depth to combat
  • Tons of upgrades which boost combat attributes and augment skills
  • Fight off waves of enemies
  • Great looking levels with varied scenery

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17 October 2014

It is an amazing game with toplel features but there are some bugs where you can glitch through walls and fall infinitely. Overall amazing game guyz keep up the good work.


18 July 2014

I like memes and henez did not put any in also these dumbasses forgot to put a quit game button


4 July 2014

A fantastic game in general, I love the abilities, the stages, the bosses, and the enemies. I just want more. More bosses, more stages, more abilities, more characters, more everything. 10/10 would play again.


3 July 2014

A really awesome game. The fluidity of the combat is very enjoyable, and the upgrade system makes it a very compelling experience. While the game was fairly easy and short it was definitely worth my time and should be worth yours as well.


26 June 2014

Such an amazing game had me unable to stop playing! Would love to see more!