Comments for Darkdawn Encounters


29 July 2015

This might be a great game, looking forward to playing more. I'm actually excited to see more from the Dev. on this. So far so good BUT... Currently, one cannot change the control placement. On my HP Stream 7 it would be more comfortable if the controls were at the top of the screen allowing my hands to better hold the device & my thumbs control the game. I had to take a break on the training mission of container & freighter targets as I was already getting cramps. Then again, I may had continued to play & not wrote this review! Dev. I think you have something here... Best of luck!


9 April 2015

Firstly id like to say its not too bad. I like the weapons available so far, the use of them, and how things work. The tactical focus is prominent and has a neat feel to combat. The reason I say there may be a disappointment is because the game so far shows some major ground work for something like a galaxy on fire type game. I'd love to see RPG elements to the game, specifically ship stat progression, perhaps the ability to train or upgrade weapons for range and damage if the primary focus is to be combat only, its not that I think exploration like galaxy on fire and mining would be bad, in fact id love it (maybe like galactic phantasy prelude) however it seem the focus is combat, and I feel it needs a heavy influence of RPG elements and skill progression to keep the longevity of the game alive. So my two cents, add skill progression, more weapons and ships, customization, and then focus on modes. I'd just like to see more fleshed out ideas for the core gameplay


23 September 2014

Thanks devs