Dead Call: Combat Trigger & Modern Duty Hunter 3D

Intergalactic war is coming - help humanity survive against cosmic plague of dead bugs. Get your weapon, get out from the ship and start shooting to biggest walking horror of all time. Features included: - exciting campaign with plenty of battles, - futuristic weapon, - big bang grenades, - armor and health customization, - millions of enemies to kill, - exotic planets and fallen human cities to fight in, - battlefields on exotic planets, - combat in fallen human cities, Fight modern battles on frontline of the space combat with dead bugs. Call your inner duty, become commando and start shooting and killing beasts which are going to dismantle human dreams about eternal existence. Space bugs - species unknown before the age of deep space explorations. Before this we were hunters of deers, ordinary frontline commando, but after space leap we have more worries, more horror dreams to hunt. Modern combat has become lot more complicated - dead trigger amongst us once again with unbelievably power. Humanity called all soldiers to fulfill duty which they promised. Frontline battlefield becomes blood baths and humankind once more tastes their own blood. Dead trigger once again... Modern warfare weren’t the same since then. Don’t wait and start playing in exciting simulator combat shooter with storyline and battles around univers. Warfare and combat is amazingly dynamic and satisfying. Emotions in final battle with zombie bugs which you can hunt. You can play as a sniper or ordinary assault soldier - choose your role, shoot them from the distance or use your shooter rifle and kill zombie monsters from closer distance. Shooter as you dream about.


  • Exciting campaign with plenty of battles
  • Exotic planets and fallen human cities to fight in

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2 July 2016

You can't move in it and the graphics are just tribal don't get it


31 May 2016

Lets see how the game is


15 March 2016

it is ok for kids


22 January 2016

why did i even waste my space


7 November 2015

I love this game very much


22 August 2015

I cant find where the app is plz tell where I can find it then I will give 5 star


11 August 2015



17 July 2015

not working on PC


6 July 2015

Best star troopers game in the making


29 June 2015

Very fun app!

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