Deer Jungle Shooting

Welcome to the beautiful real jungle environment in this deer hunting windows game. Have an enjoyable hunt with beautiful wild deers.Each level has its unique objective. Achieve the target and gain access to the next level. How to Play on Touch Device: • Select a level from the level screen • Select appropriate gun for the level • Walk around and hunt the deers in the given duration • Level will be failed if deer is not shot in the given time duration or you are failed to achieve the objective • Sometimes, you will have to buy a new gun to play a specific level • Play a previous level if short of money to buy a new gun How to Play on PC: - Left mouse button is for firing - Mouse cursor is for aiming on target - Right mouse button is for zooming - Use the arrows keys for Player movements


  • FPS (first person shooting) game
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Realistic game play.
  • Perfect Control
  • With each new level, your addiction increases
  • 10 levels in first release
  • Charming background sounds of monkeys and birds

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Jungle Deer Hunting 2016 - Elite Sniper Shooter We bring you the best hunting experience with jungle deer hunting 2016. Hunt across the globe in the world’s greatest sniper hunting experience. Jungle deer hunting is all about thrill & fun. Deer is a smart and clever animal so to be a professional sniper deer hunter you must have good aim and shoot skills while holding your breath. You are on a Deer hunting expedition of 2016 in a dense jungle snowy winter environment where you have to hunt deer in a specified time. In this Deer Hunting encounter your shooting and hunting expertise should be at par to win this immersive challenge while enjoying a best deer hunting experience in a beautiful and dense forest in a winter season kind of environment. You are going to face a real challenge to hunt one of the smart and wild animal hunting i.e. deer before it jump of your sniper gun shot, you should hold breath, line up your gun barrel and press the sniper gun trigger to take successful shot on this wild and smart predators for an outstanding and sensation shot. Anyone who love to play sniper shooting games, animal hunting, forest hunting and Jungle animal hunting games, must try this free hunting game of pro 2016 to be a super hero of this new deer hunting game while having a hunting adventure with modern sniper guns similar to AK47, M4, AWP, P90, UMP45 Desert Eagle, negev etc. If you are FPS games fans, then time has come to download and play new deer hunting game of pro 2016 with marvelous gameplay and splendid graphics which are absolutely incredible and you will surely love playing this first person shooter game. The Jungle Deer Hunting 2016 delivers the nostalgic kind of deer hunting experience on your smartphone and tablet! So if you love hunting games, shooting game and deer hunter games then you definitely need to download this new deer hunting game to have a memorable Halloween Holidays season in this winter. Download now Jungle Deer Hunting 2016 and ENJOY UNIQUE DEER HUNTING EXPERIENCE WITH AMAZING 3D GRAPHICS;

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5 July 2016