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Dell Shop

For users who own Dell PCs, Dell Shop is the best place to purchase products highly relevant for you and your system. Unlike other generic commerce marketplaces, Dell Shop can identify your Dell PC and present the most popular electronics and accessories compatible with your system. With Dell Shop, you can quickly harness the power of your Dell PC through complementary offerings such as software, printers, monitors, mice, memory, and external storage. Download Dell Shop today and start getting the most from your Dell PC.


  • Shop: browse highly relevant products, read reviews, and purchase the best-selling software, electronics, accessories, tablets, laptops, and desktops
  • Search: use Dell’s powerful new search engine to search for products that work for you and your system
  • Get personalized recommendations: share your Dell Service Tag to get the most popular electronics and accessories compatible with your Dell PC
  • Note: Some features may not be available in all countries

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6 March 2016

have lots of device update offers, drivers updates and I can not trust any of them. My bro HL5240 will not print out my bank statement. Just a 2 3/4" stripe on the middle of the page by 8' long. default printernproblems


25 February 2016



6 January 2016

I opened a Facebook website store and the meaning of shopping the Dell laptop was the easy connection to reach the business, but all my products or merchandiser can not be seen for not body, even me, only the description a prices are available. and when I use my personal computer everything is okay in my website. so, anyone can tell me what I should do to reverse this situation and be able to manager my business using my Dell?


27 November 2015

I tried signing in and tried resetting my password. I can't figure out how!!!


11 November 2015

It's a great tool to discover Dell products


21 October 2015

I needed a new wireless mouse. Ordered in 5 minutes. I needed printer refill, done in 5 minutes. This is fantastic. Works perfect!


18 October 2015

I have never had computer I had no place to do work such as a spreadsheet without downloading useless apps. I will never buy another Dell product or any other without words, notes, graphs ands ect. I am so upset with these settings. Never again


7 October 2015

I have had my Inspiron 17 since last Christmas and I am very displeased with it. To begin with, it takes over 5 minutes for it to connect to the server, even though internet access is achieved almost immediately. I can live with this, but what really irritates me is when, for no reason whatsoever, it freezes up on me. I am a school teacher and I often leave my computer on while I am grading papers . If I let the computer sit idle for more than 20 - 30 minutes it freezes up completely and I have to manually shut it down and then reboot it. This reached a head last night when I was working on an excel document and it froze up. I had to reboot, and lost every bit of data I had spent the last two hours entering. I have had this problem since I bought this machine, but I promise you, I will never make the mistake of buying a Dell product again. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy another new computer so I am forced to suffer with this piece of crap.


6 October 2015

I have been having major problems with detection of my identity. I just found a potential problem: my home page was set as msn not dell default


23 September 2015


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