View definition/meaning of words from various dictionary sites in one place. Very helpful to improve your vocabulary and learn foreign languages. It helps you maintain your reading context. It knows where the word definition is so you don't have to scroll looking amidst the intrusive advertisements. Currently supports thefreedictionary.com, dictionary.com, merriam-webster.com, wordreference.com, e-words.jp, dict.leo.org, etc. More sites will be supported in future releases. How to Open? You can open in one of two ways... - From Internet Explorer or any app that shares text, select the word/text that you want to view the definition for and click on the "Share charm" (NOT Search charm) and select DictionaryTip. - Open the app from the live tile. How to Use? The selected text/word is auto populated when opened through Share Charm. Choose your favorite dictionary site from the drop down menu and click on View. The respective website is opened below. The 2nd dropdown allows you to further refine/select the language in your favorite dictionary. For example, you can choose from English->French or French->English, Thesaurus or Definition page, etc.


  • View definitions from various dictionaries in one place
  • Maintain your reading context
  • Focus on the word definition and not the advertisements
  • Helpful to build your vocabulary
  • Great for foreign language students

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22 March 2015

wouldn't let me do my home work thanks a lot btw it sucks not even worth a penny 1 stars


22 July 2013

A dictionary that utilizes Share charm to help tablet users quickly and easily look up words. Perhaps not as advanced as some other dictionaries out there, but has the one feature I've been after for a long time.