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New French / English dictionary application for Windows 8 now available from Larousse, leading dictionary and reference book publisher. - 250,000 words and phrases - 400,000 translations illustrating all nuances of meaning - Recorded pronunciation for 450,000 words and phrases (Internet access required) - 3,000 abbreviations - Proverbs, sayings and idiomatic expressions - Bookmarks function - A hypertext link on every word The quick search function allows you to search as you type with instantly updated results Convenient : click on any word in the article to view the Larousse dictionary translation Also includes full verb conjugation tables. Fast and easy to use on the move, this application can be downloaded in full onto your tablet or PC. No need for an internet connection once you've downloaded the application - access the full dictionary offline (except the recorded pronunciation guides). Larousse Mobile, a library in your pocket! Windows 8 features • Scroll horizontally through a continuous landscape presentation of the entire dictionary • Semantic zoom lets you quickly and intuitively find your way around the dictionary • Snap the dictionary to the side of the screen for easy reference when you’re using another app


  • conjugations, pronunciation
  • Semantic zoom, snap mode

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19 February 2016

brevet  brevet [brəvε] nom masculin 1. droit  brevet (d'invention)  patent  titulaire d'un brevet  patentee 2. éducation  diploma  le brevet  exam taken at 14 years of age EXPR brevet d'études professionnelles → BEP  brevets militaires  ≃ staff college qualifications  brevet professionnel  vocational diploma  brevet de sécurité routière  proficiency test for riding a moped  brevet de technicien  exam taken at 17 after 3 years' technical training User=Admin:  brevet de technicien supérieur → BTS Champagne-Ardenne [ʃɑ̃paɲardεn] 3. aéronautique  brevet de pilote  pilot's licence 4. [certificat]  certificate  brevet de secourisme  first-aid certificate  décerner à quelqu'un un brevet de moralité  to testify to ou to vouch for somebody's character


15 February 2016

épique [epik] adjectif 1. littérature  epic 2. [extraordinaire - discussion, scène]  epic  pour retrouver sa trace, ça a été épique !  finding out where he was was quite a saga !


16 April 2015

not very well done, search result text color is very annoying, no suggestion (dynamic or in results), no search term highlight, etc..., didn't meet my expectation to be worth the price


3 December 2014

Auxiliaire verb for descendre conjugation is wrong (it's listed correctly in one place, then the wrong one is used for the conjugation). So far this is the only error I've found, but if there are more, it could be a problem for new French learners. It is a very useful dictionary with a nice interface that I use often. Definitely worth the purchase.


31 October 2014

Very helpful with in depth meanings and definitions. Conjugations are superb. It would be nice for the dictionary to give suggestions for misspelled words instead of doing nothing when an incorrect word is typed in. Also, it would be also be great if bookmarks were alphabetized or put in order of when they were added. Please. Thank you! Another suggestion: this dictionary needs an update with more modern terms i.e. life-saving is not a recognized term


1 June 2014

Great dictionary. Everything I want and need for my studies. Works wonderfully. The only thing I wish it had that it doesn't is for it to suggest something when I misspell a word in a search (or have no clue how it is spelled and am guessing) instead of showing a blank page. Highly recommended.


4 April 2014

Je ne vois pas les mots écrits en bleu sur un fond noir sauf si je passe dessus avec mon curseur. Pas très pratique quand un veut choisir une utilisation particulière et ne pas avoir à passer sur chaque utilisation pour la voir!!


25 January 2014

This is excellent Product.


11 January 2014

This is an excellent dictionary. It is just as excellent as the one I used as a college student. It is divided into four parts. English-French; French-English French verb conjugation and English verb conjugation. Audio pronunciation is included for both French and English. Bookmarking is allowed. Does anyone know how to enable audio for pronunciation? It was working but nor any more.


9 January 2014

Since the last update, I seem to have lost the pronounce out loud feature.

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