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    Update 2.2.6 * Updated Weather Data provider Update 2.1.6 * Gesture support for Brightness - You can now adjust the Foreground and Background brightness by dragging your fingering in the main Night Stand view * Various minor tweaks to the MS Band integration features * Minor bug fixes Update * FULL Windows 10 Mobile support! * MS Band Integration! - You can now connect your Night Stand app to any version of the Microsoft Band with the option to synchronize backgrounds and alarms. Choose to have your alarm ring on your wrist instead of (or in addition to) your device with full Haptic feedback support. You can also Snooze or Dismiss your alarms right from your Band! Update includes several small bug fixes as well as the following new features: * Full Screen mode (launches by in full screen by default) * Individual alarm independent volume Update fixes a critical bug that could erase your preferences and make the app behave as though it's being launched for the first time every time. Update includes minor tweaks and bug fixes for the Windows 10 release. Update includes bug fixes for the Windows 10 release.

Digital Night Stand

Digital Night Stand is an extremely flexible app for turning your phone, tablet or laptop into a stunning replacement for your digital alarm clock. Featuring a highly customizable display, weather, personal photo slideshow and unlimited alarms with snooze, you'll use it every day!


  • Customizable Digital Clock
  • Unlimited Alarms
  • Personalized Photo Slideshow
  • Current Weather

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8 September 2015

This product ( digital night stand ) is much like a bed side clock. I gives you an array if information at a glance: as well as alarms. the backgrounds are versatile and very well done. I truly enjoy it.


9 January 2015

This app would be great if one could expand the weather to see an actual forecast. Also would be better of you could add multiple cities.


12 October 2014

Can't set alarms, force closes ...... and the weather needs to be updated manually by turning it off then back on


9 September 2014

This is a fantastic app, with 3 major problems keeping it from being truly excellent. 1 - all of the alarm sounds are horrendous. They are your standard battery of alarm noises featured on physical alarm clocks for decades. None of which anyone in their right mind would want to wake up to day, after day, after day. The EXACT kind of alarm sounds people use digital alarm apps, to get away from. 2 - the app does not offer an ascending volume option for it's alarms. 3 - if the app is closed, the alarm won't work. It will default to a 20 second toast, and that's it. This is deal breaker, as my current alarm app (Alarm), not only works when the app is closed, but does so from outside the lockscreen, and in an interactive toast (Snooze, and Dismiss), that lasts for 5 minutes, and uses the actual alarm sound you chose. I really want to pay for this app, but in it's current state its all fashion and low function. And would not serve as an adequate replacement for my current alarm app.


1 September 2014

I use digital night stand every night. I turn it on last thing before I go to bed at night. It gives me all of the information I most want during the night and the next morning - time, date, temperature, weather conditions and any alarms that I've set. Even on my tablet, I can read it from bed without my glasses. It has user selectable backgrounds that are all very pleasing. The one thing I would like to see is for the display to act as a screen saver.


21 March 2014

Love this clock ! It's functional and you can add your own pictures to the background. Love it.


23 February 2014

this app is very good


19 December 2013

Excellent app.


16 November 2013

does what it says it's supposed to. couldn't be happier with it.


8 September 2013

i like this apps

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