Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Hidden Object Game

During this special holiday promotion, get the full featured Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde hidden object game with all the levels for FREE! Based on the beloved classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, the game takes you through the story with high-quality AUDIO NARRATION! Explore the dark and foggy London of the good Dr. Jekyll as he struggles to keep the evil Mr. Hyde at bay! Based on the Oxford University Press edition of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, this game features amazing art and challenging hidden object puzzles designed by award winning game producer SecretBuilders. Each brain-teasing level unfolds a scene from the book with beautiful illustrations and audio excerpts.


  • Audio narration and book scene illustrations on each page!
  • A fun and enjoyable way for kids to fall in love with reading literature
  • Great for developing visual and spatial problem solving skills
  • Tons of gorgeous levels packed full of items
  • Award-winning audio and illustrations from Oxford University Press' Bookworms Series for young readers

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29 November 2015

Its good its easy and hard too but you get time too only for the word


25 January 2014

Very boring, even a kid would be bored...


13 January 2014

good game for a 10yo - fun for a beginner


20 December 2013



2 February 2013

This hidden object game doesn't contain any of the mini games that I enjoy on several other games of this type. The most frustrating thing about this game is that the graphics for the score, hint, etc. cover up part of the picture and several times I had had to use the hint because object was not viewable, but hidden behind these graphics. Had to click several times on one occasion on the graphic, as it had covered up over half of the hint graphic.