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    GLOBAL UPDATE OF VISUAL TUNING! -2 new cars! -Spoilers: 15 types with a length and height adjustment -Wheels: 28 types with tire profile adjustment -Neon lights: 11 types of neon colors with a choice of any flicker frequency -Suspension: changing of the length of springs and center of mass -Paint: 4 types of paint - metallic, caramel, matt and chrome -Music in race added -New music in garage -Improved car behavior in race -Optimizations and bug fixes in the garage and race

Drag Racing 3D

EXCITING RACING! It is the game, where you can race through dark streets. Drag Racing 3D © is exciting night street races. They say that drag is the most impressive type of racing. It's the challege for only the most crackheaded and courageous drivers. You should use the full power of your car if you want to win! MORE THAN 35 CARS, INCLUDING CLASSIC AMERICAN MUSCLE CARS! There are a huge amount of cars in "Drag Racing 3D ©": from sedans to professional sport cars. GREAT VISUAL TUNING OPPORTUNITIES! MAKE YOUR CAR UNIQUE! -RIMS: more then 30 types of rims with possibility to change size! -SPOILERS: more the 15 types with possibility to change their parameters! -TUNING-KITS: every car has some types of custom bumpers and even width-сhanging tuning kits! -NEON: more then 10 types of neon lightning with the possibility to choose any color and to make your neon flickering! -SUSPENTION: you can make your car higher or lower if you want! -PAINTING: 4 types of paint for car and rims - mettalic, caramel, matt, chrome. Choose any color you like! MAKE YOUR CAR UNBEATABLE! Improve engine, transmission, install turbo, buy new tires, change the weight of your car - make everything, to get to the drag racing top! HIDE FROM COPS! During the game you'll often have to run from police chases through the streets, full of traffic! Don't give them a chance to catch you! WITHOUT IN-APP PURCHASES AND ADVERTISING! If you buy this game one time - you'll never have to pay any cent for it. And sure - no annoying advertisements! Your can select desired level of graphics, to increase the performance of your device in the settings menu. If you have any questions about the game - e-mail us, we will answer any question!


  • Dynamic races on 1/4 and 1/2 mile
  • More than 35 real-based cars: from the urban sedans to the professional sport cars
  • A lot of combinations for making your car better
  • Saving records may help to achieve better results in each race

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5 July 2016



9 June 2015

Its a lot better than the free game


22 February 2015

good time killer easy to upgrade


22 January 2015

The car models are beautiful. The game play is boring and stiff. The thing I hate the most is the user interface. Its sooooo ugly and annoying. I barely know what the icons are for and I get zero information on the various settings and tune up options I have. I'm no car genius an explanation would be nice for us no in the know. If I change one upgrade, I shouldn't get kicked out to the beginning menu. It should back up to the upgrades in case I want to add something else or change something. Also add more levels. The music isn't too bad. Add soundfx. The cars are silent and the nitrous makes no sound. No shifting sounds. Add a ready set go or something at the beginning of the race. Preferably vocal...... this game needs updates.


18 January 2015

Always good to find a decent drag racing game and this is one of em'. Hopefully they keep updating to keep the game addicting


11 January 2015

The game is very entertaining to play and has some good customization also. Highly recommend it for the small price.


31 December 2014

This game is awesome!!!!


30 December 2014

so far this game seems ok but I don't really know I need to play it some more


15 December 2014

not what I expected but still learning wish it had cars to choose from and betting


30 November 2014

A Russian/Ukrainian band of devs made a drag racing app with a few rebranded cars and bad graphical quality. If the team is anywhere near persistent, updates will surely fix the graphics, sluggish shift times, and overall, "meh" of this game. However, this app has definite potential in the small realm of drag racing games, especially ones with arm processor compatibility. The game does not crash and runs smoothly on my surface 2 at max settings with magnificently short load times. The music is all but enjoyable and the modification is similar to car games from the 2000s, or one you may find in an arcade. All in all, 2 stars here for a drag racing game that is lacking a list of features that all others have, sluggish game play, and very sub par graphics.

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