Drone Strike Combat 3D

Drone Strike Combat 3D is one of the best action flight game available for a Windows running devices. The game features multiple interesting levels with immersive environments and landscapes. The game uses latest 3D development technologies to provide you the best gaming experience on Windows device. Drone Strike Combat 3D features military aerial warfare gaming experience. Your homeland has been attacked by enemy aircrafts. As a predator pilot you have to stay attentive, attack, and shoot enemies air crafts before they see you. In Drone Strike Combat 3D the battle has already started, you have to make a strategy for eliminating all enemies in order to finish the game. Your must hit with accuracy in Drone Strike Combat 3D to win this battle. Your primary mission is to clear aerial boundaries of your homeland with the modern air craft provided to you, and to eliminate the enemy air crafts that include jet fighter planes and helicopters. You have a limited time to eliminate the enemy jet fighters and helicopters. Drone Strike Combat 3D is challenging game and free to play. Download Drone Strike Combat 3D, take off and enjoy. HOW TO PLAY: It can be played by touch devices as well as keyboard and mouse. UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT keys for movement SPACE for shoot LEFT ALT for switching weapon LEF CTRL for accelerate MOUSE for throttle


  • Touch support
  • Keyboard and mouse support for desktop PC
  • Advance radar system
  • Engine throttling
  • Multiple camera views
  • Shoot multiple enemy aircrafts
  • Amazing 3D effects
  • Thrilling gameplay

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14 August 2015

The graphics are excellent!!!! The aircraft control response from the keyboard is realistic.


5 August 2015

Couldn't get the ad out from the middle of the screen..don't have a clue


12 July 2015

This game I played, it's Graphics are Very Good, it ran well on my Touch-Laptop, Interface on touch needs adjusted, keyboard option is spot on. Some difficulty with throttle control, in either mode of Game play, but lacks depth, with only 3 levels to play, mastering this game takes mere seconds. I did expect better detection on the Radar HUD, One needs almost to be on top of the enemy, in other games this feature was Definitely better. but for the first time, piloting a Predator Drone was interesting. I would rate this higher if it had more levels and the controls in either mode were better.