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    --Bug fixes: Made several changes that should improve the stability for users who were encountering crashes on launch --Improvement: Improved how initiative is handled during combat

Dungeon Master Buddy

Dungeon Master Buddy is a completely free tool (no ads or in-app purchases) to help track initiative and the status of monsters during combat encounters in Dungeons and Dragons. It is designed specifically with D&D 4e in mind, but it may be useful for other role playing games or versions. Use the built in initiative tracker to roll initiative for the monsters and enter in the PCs' initiative so you always know whose turn it is. Then, when your monsters are attacked easily check their defensive stats and apply damage or conditions to them right in the app. The creature manager allows you to define creates ahead of time and reuse them in multiple combat encounters. The creature library is automatically synced across your devices. Optionally log into and browse the D&D Insider compendium (http://archive.wizards.com/DnD/Subscription.aspx)


  • Initiative tracker
  • Manages the health, conditions and defenses of your monsters
  • Creature library allows creatures to be saved and reused in multiple encounters
  • Browse the DDI Compendium to find monsters to use

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20 June 2015

Tried to look up specific monsters from the compendium. The app takes you to the wizards of true coast lookup, however when you actually select something you are prompted to a login screen which requires a subscription. Furthermore when trying to set up an account you get a 404 error from the wizards website. I don't hold this app accountable for the wizards of the coast website, however it became a pain to break out my manuals to then create and add monsters manually into the app. The monster look up just seemed a super convenient way to improve upon what my group was already using. Outside of this hiccup, the app worked great and was pretty useful indeed.


19 January 2015

It has some gaping flaws though. The biggest one being that whenever the device restarts with this program running, it becomes useless. It must be uninstalled and reinstalled, as I become unable to open it. The first time it happened I didn't understand what had caused it, the second time I didn't realize the app was open. Also, if there were a way to open two side by side windows of this app, it would allow the DM to read through monsters' abilities while simultaneously conducting combat rounds. Which is my biggest peeve, honestly.


9 December 2014

This tool makes dungeon mastering ten times easier. Using the built in feature of windows 8 I'm able to split my computer screen between this tool and the typed up file I have for my adventure. There are a few things that could make this better; however, If it included the ability to associate powers with a particular monster much like it does if you have D&D insider. This way you can have the stats for a creature you either created yourself or don't have the money to buy a subscription to D&D insider. What's really nice about this application is that it doesn't need to be used only for D&D. What this application is truly geared towards is making combat smoother by helping you track HP, status conditions and other things you already were with paper and pencil for any system


28 September 2014

Some nice customization options. Very user-friendly. Would certainly like to see it support the new 5th Edition.


30 July 2014

Used it once, and it worked fantastically and I was looking forward to using it to consolidate all my work, but the second time (and every time after) it started loading up and then immediately dumped me onto the desktop. I'd happily give 5 stars if only it actually worked...


24 July 2014

Great work, designed very well. When accessing did insider promoted for a membership, but not required since this easily works to handle all my dm monster noting. Would like to see this updated and prepared for 5th edition along with maybe some spots for perception modifiers and key skills. Once again great work!


21 June 2014

The first time I opened this app, it worked great and I had extremely high hopes. It was fantastic; did exactly what it was advertised to do. However, after shutting it down after the first use, the app will not open and crashes instantly. Reinstalling did not work, neither did restarting the computer liberally. This wouldn't even be an issue if the app had some semblance of support... there is none. The link to the "support" does not take you anywhere. So if you're like me, there's nothing you can do. It was a great idea and seemed to work great at the get go, but dashed my hopes against the tides in the end.


14 June 2014

I can't get this app to work anymore on any windows 8.1 computer. It's unfortunate, as its an amazingly good app when it worked.


20 March 2014

I've been DM'ing for over 2 years now, and was looking for an easy way to consolidate monster stats and track HP, initiative, and status effects. DM Buddy is the best thing I've used by far. One of the coolest things is its integration with the D&D compendium, which means I can keep track of monster stat blocks during combat without shuffling around books, and I can keep track of the action without constantly looking over the DM screen at the map every round. And it's FREE! Amazing deal and a must have for DM's. Kudos to the developers on this one, for sure.


22 October 2013

it loaded the first time but not again? now it just crashes I think it's my falt b/c I don't have windows 8.1 so 5 stars b/c what I saw of it was AMAZING!

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