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  • Category: Games / Shooter
  • Published by: Exandus, LLC ?
  • Size: 12.5 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86
  • Language: English (United States)
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Earth Defender Pro

Earth is in danger! Large asteroid shower is on trajectory towards Earth! Your mission is to defend the Earth population from asteroids. You have 3 space stations that can launch missiles. Missile will detonate upon contact with another object or when out of range of the space stations; anything caught in explosion will be destroyed. You have limit of 5 missiles on the screen at a time, this limit can be increased by collecting bonus items. Space stations will be damaged when hit by the asteroids. Occasionally you will get utility packs from the Earth that contain bonus items such as: repair kit, extra missiles, and proton weapons. As you progress through game, it will become harder to defend the earth! Controls: Touch: tap or swipe the screen to launch the missile. Mouse: click or swipe the screen to launch the missile. v1.0 introduces: - combo scoring system: the more asteroids you destroy with one missile, the more you will score! - bonus packs: repair space stations, proton missiles, extra missiles; - difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard; - functionality to mute sound; - leaderboards; - no ads.


  • Shoot missiles into asteroids
  • Combo scoring
  • Difficulty levels
  • Controls: touch and/or mouse
  • Bonus: extra missile, repair kit, proton missiles

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16 February 2015

Great shooter. Engaging and fun!