Tired of searching for gluten-free restaurants that you would like to feel comfortable eating at? How about ones that are soy free, and offer humanely raised meats with organic veggies? Eatfindr is the solution to help you find places to eat in line with your consciousness, health and dietary needs. About time…


  • See the nearest, latest, and the most popular places around you that match your food preferences.
  • Filter restaurants based on food preferences and allergens including: Gluten, Nuts, Corn, Soy and more.
  • View detailed reviews from people that have the same food sensitivities or allergies as you do.
  • See restaurant menu, meal price range, hours, and other information right within the app.
  • Get directions and call the restaurant right from the app.

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15 March 2014

Nothing gluten free about it, and boy does it take forever to load. Basically useless.


15 February 2014

Once installed, it took forever to load the page (took three tries actually) -- only to find that it wants permission to view and use not just my location (reasonable) but all my personal info and photos as well as my friends'. This is less a useful app than a phishing expedition.


23 February 2013

As someone previously mentioned almost all of the restaurants listed are large chains.


14 February 2013

I honestly didn't go further than typing in my location. One of the first "gluten free" tiles to pop up was Olive Garden. This app is either poorly monitored/updated, or they are just trying to advertise for certain companies. I have had Celiacs disease for almost ten years, and I can tell you it is an insult for those who truly cannot eat wheat to be recommended to a restaurant where EVERYTHING is contaminated with wheat. Deleting the app now, although I am hoping for future improvements.


13 February 2013

8 restaurants listed in my city of roughly half a million people. All 8 from major chains, nothing at all local only. Really?


24 December 2012

A must have for people who need to be more selective with the diet!


8 December 2012

Very nice. Update: 11-9-2012 App can't find my location, keeps telling me to enable location tracking even though it's on. = ( Update 12-7 Still not detecting my location. No response received from developers. Uninstalling.


11 November 2012

pretty cool app! found it at the ms store!


24 October 2012

If you like finding a specific type of food choice, this app can help. Full Review >>


9 August 2012

Awesome app for finding healthy food!