Edit Photo With Square Frames

Bringing you a new way of storytelling for app lovers to create their own magical story through a square frame with their personal devices. It is designed to delight all your requirements from the photo editing app. Perfect utility for designing new frames within the application for more realistic images. Find us: Web: http://queenloftapps.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/queenloftapps Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/queenloft/ Twitter: @queenloftapps Email: pinnaclebell@hotmail.com How to use: http://queenloftapps.com/edit-photo-with-square-frame-tutorial/ Snap your images into a new frame with cool and funky application for work. It allows you to create funkier images and creative frames. Simply drag and edit any image inside the app. Features: Pack of refreshing frames and backgrounds Create dynamic square images in HD quality Apply stunning Filters and effects Easy custom cropping and shape cropping of images In app purchases adds premium frames for great quality images Special cards for personalizing your photos Now you can drag multiple photos in a single frame Stable and light app Compatible with all type of universal window devices Premium services of the app offer a pack of unique and beautiful frames to glam up your personal images. Elegant design and responsiveness of the app makes it very handy tool to work around with your images. make your images irresistible and delightful by adding quality filters and make them everlasting piece of memory. App features a free hand cropping and shaping cropping tool for bringing up with best quality images for you.