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    - New look and design - Optimized for a faster performance - Add Favorite Stories - Hide Stories - Story reception improvements - Weekly instead of daily time intervals - Advanced Tutorial - Fixed bugs


Take a load off! Empazy is an anonymous social network where you can share you feelings about important matters. Feel free and be yourself, finally! WELCOME TO EMPAZY It has nothing to do with "chatting", it's about "empathizing". Think of it as a black box in which you can communicate your feelings freely and receive answers from anyone without the burden of personal profiles, reputation or any type of exhibitionism. Tired of not saying how you really feel? Tired of not talking about what's really important to you? Need to get something out of your system? ... Welcome to Empazy! SEND / RECEIVE STORIES Instant message broadcasting! When you send a story you give it a mood and a category and it's instantly sent to a small random set of anonymous people of any age, gender, nationality, etc. These people can then each send you back one "empathy" which consists of 1) an answer, 2) how they think you feel and 3) how much they liked your story. Apart from writing as many stories as you like you are also always open to receive and answer stories from others. Say all you want, without thinking to whom! DISCOVER TOP STORIES How well can you put yourself into someone else's shoes? Human empathy is measurable and apart from the stories you send and receive you can discover the stories that have the highest impact on everyone and bring out the best in people. STATS Empazy is also about getting to know yourself and comparing yourself to others. How do you usually feel? What do you usually talk about? Are you more empathic than others? Better rated? Find out just how different you really are! CLASSIFICATION Since all stories are geographically located (if you choose) the fight is on! What cities send the most stories? Which are happier? What countries are more empathic? Or better rated? Regions, neighborhoods ... get their insights and make your location point out. MAP Ever wonder how people feel around you? The ones you know, the ones you don't? Today, this week, this year? Empazy shows you a feeling-heated map of countries, regions, cities and neighborhoods depending on zoom-level. Take a walk through the world's intimate feelings. ENJOY THE APP!!


  • Send Messages --- send instant anonymous and empathic messages to random people.
  • Receive Empathies --- you are the only one who sees the answers.
  • Receive Ratings --- discover how interesting people find you.
  • Stats --- learn more about yourself compared to others.
  • Classification --- participate in a country, city, region and neighborhood empathic competition.
  • Map --- find feelings all around you.