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    [XBOX] Added new Engadget R+D show. [XBOX] Fixed several crashes related to offline usage. [XBOX] Better support for media remote.


Engadget is your ultimate destination for reviews, news and research from the world of consumer electronics. Our team of expert editors and columnists work passionately (some would say, obsessively) to bring you the best information about all gadgets, the science and technology behind them as well as insider insights before the products are even in the market. Want up to the minute coverage on the latest smartphone news, HDTV reviews and hands-on looks at all gadgets from laptops to game systems? Engadget delivers definitive tech news you need instantly. With this app at your fingertips, you’ll be an informed tech expert and insider in no time.


  • All of the Articles, Videos, Reviews and more that you love from Engadget, in a fast, seamless and fully native application experience.
  • Support for notifications and live tiles so you never miss an important story.
  • Video support for all your favorite Engadget shows, including ICYMI and Dear Veronica.

  • Cortana enabled! Simply ask Cortana to open Engadget to any of your favorite Engadget sections.

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7 April 2015

Rarely loads any content. Useless.


10 March 2015

Engadget, this app is horrible. Please redo. It has no design, and half of the articles done even load!


26 January 2015

Why can't I read articles offline?


16 January 2015

On the windows platform, this app feels like you are using the first version of Netscape...


8 January 2015

Seriously, just use the website; Not only is the article view broken and unattractive, (smallish, un styled text that doesn't use the content area) none of the pics or videos load, or at least they took more than 30 seconds to do so. Hire the guys that made the WPC app, AOL!


30 December 2014

Its just all around bad, it shows laziness and no care or respect or all users. Ios app and Android app are good, shutting engadget out of my news feeds


26 November 2014

This app doesn't even work. It only shows the first article and the rest are blank white squares. And even though the first article is shown I can't seem to actually open it and read what it says. Until its updated I uninstalled and have just been using IE


25 October 2014

Come on guys...seriously? Update the app to support portrait mode. I'll apologize in advance if the app already supports it...I can't find it.


9 October 2014

Immediately turns off when app is executed.


16 September 2014

This app is slow to load as if I'm running on 10yrs old PC. When I want to comment on a article it takes me to the website. I didn't see any point to have this app. I know that Microsoft is removing crap apps from windows store. Can Microsoft remove this app as this is a crap.

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