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Engineering Unit Converter

Professional Engineers: This Engineering Unit Converter is made for you, from one of you. As Professional Engineer, as well as M.S. of Civil Engineering, I made this Engineering Unit Converter to satisfy your daily needs for unit transformations. The Engineering Unit Converter is very simple for use. The input units are sorted alphabetically and can be selected by scrolling and selecting right one or searched by phenomenally fast search engine. Just simply type your desired input units and it will shop up on the screen. Even, you do not need to be exact by name, because the search engine will bring several close enough solution on the screen. Engineering Unit Converter is capable to do all unit conversions. If you find something missing, let us know, and we will implement it through updates of the software. The conversion database is implemented into program which means that internet connections is not required for Engineering Unit Converter to work. Snapped interface is allowed for all screen sizes, which gives you opportunity for side by side work with another apps as you can see from screenshot pictures. Engineering Unit Converter has Copy and Paste buttons, which allow you to fast paste numbers into Engineering Unit Converter, as well as to copy numbers from Engineering Unit Converter and past into another apps. The colors of the text, buttons, and background into Engineering Unit Converter are carefully selected to minimize power usage and keep your tablets and laptops live for long time (“GO GREEN”). Every day we are working on Engineering Unit Converter adding the new conversion categories. Engineering Unit Converter is one of the most popular unit converter program in Professional Engineering (P.E.) world.


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24 July 2014

Unit converter for professional engineers and all rest which going to become. Very fast search option.