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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Read the whole changelog here: http://anoori.me/projects/explorer8/changelog


**Important: Please don't use the review section to post your feedback. If there's a problem with the app or you have a suggestion, refer to app's about suggestion to see the links provided for you to post your feedback. You can use UserVoice, Twitter or email me directly. Thank you in advance. Explorer8 is a modern and beautiful file and folder explorer/manager for your Windows 8 and 8.1 PC with lots of great features. Navigate through your computer without compromising the abilities for both touch and mouse+keyboard PCs. This app lets you copy/move/rename files and folders, preview the contents of common file types and in general, manage the files and folders of the system. Note: You will choose which folders of your system the app can access explicitly. Please take some time to read about the new Windows 8.1 version: http://anoori.me/blog/general/introducing-explorer8---windows-8.1-version


  • Beautiful Dark & Light Themes
  • Tabs and shortcuts for quick and easy navigation
  • Tree view for directory structure
  • Explore and manage files and folders
  • Full support for touch
  • Quick navigation with keyboard + all familiar shortcuts (such as Ctrl+C for copy or F2 for rename)
  • List of file operations + pause & resume support
  • Multiple views for contents
  • Quick filter + enter for deep search in dedicated search box
  • Preview common file types without leaving the app
  • Properties pane for dynamic file & folder properties
  • Launch all types of files with their default associated app
  • Fully functional snapped and split views
  • Pin folders to Start Screen
  • Drag & drop to easily move items between folders or tabs
  • You can pick SkyDrive folders from Windows file picker
  • Rotate selected images
  • Share content with TO and FROM other apps
  • Use Explorer8 as a File Picker to open files and save them in other apps
  • And a lot more... Read the blog post for full list of features.

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9 October 2014

windows garbage file explorer should be replace by this awesome .


23 June 2014

I had high expectations for this. I was curious what it might offer that the file explorer function in the OneDrive app didn't. Some of its reports looked really interesting. One of the first things I noticed, though, is it doesn't even show PDF files. (WTF?) It will show folders where I have PDFs, then will show no files present. Drop a small PDF on the desktop, go to Desktop folder, see all other files there and the PDF not shown. I'm an IT professional of long standing. I could probably figure this out if I dig long enough through the meandering, breezy, inefficient, time-consuming help site. But why should I have to? It's a file manager. Dig through the Help site for advanced features and great innovations, sure... but to actually have it show a PDF file existing? No, that's just silly. Or maybe I missed something? That begs there question.... why should there be anything to miss? Anyway... thank you for the trial period. Posting this review now and uninstalling.,


2 April 2014

Won't let me add any folder.. maybe cuz I'm on 8.1 It won't add I'd only want to use this if it will do what skydrive can... share skydrive links etc..


26 December 2013

So far, this is the best most featured Modern UI file navigator/manager out there! Update to my review - I sent a couple of suggestions to the developer (I couldn't honestly think of more than a couple improvements), and literally within MINUTES got a REAL response! The purchase of this app will probably end up being one of the BEST Microsoft store purchases I ever made. I kid you not, and no, I have absolutely no relationship. This is just a great, well thought out app.


30 November 2013

just the best, very nice, fast and intuitive


28 November 2013

This APP is NO WHERE EVEN CLOSE to being Windows Explorer. To do that, the first thing would be to actually SHOW THE FILES IN THE FOLDERS!!! I feel absolutely so cheated by this developer/poser!


23 November 2013

I love the app, but there are a few things missing. 1. Added "Open with" option so you can choose to open a file with something other than the default 2. More Multi-tasking support. You can have multiple windows open of different file explorers, however if you open up a file (like a picture, an audio file, or a video) it locks up those windows until you get out of the file you just opened. It would be nice if you could switch to another window without having to close a file. This would be most useful if you came across and opened up a music file that you felt like listening to the end but didn't want to stop what you were doing. Other than those two small things, it's a great working app, one of which I'm probably going to buy when my trial expires.


5 November 2013

Loving the app so far, it is a very great modern UI file browser. Few suggestions I have is having a confirmation or going to files whenever you past within a folder? Also, an updated snap view for Windows 8.1. Otherwise, very awesome app, keep up the great work!


4 November 2013

Use more 80% CPU, and 500MB memory,


27 October 2013

Application crashes after I've deleted files.

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