F16 Air Plane Jet Fighter

Its all about Air Supremacy F16 Jet Fighter Airplane Sim put you in the cockpit, being a jet fight pilot; you rank above all others in your air force. You have been assigned a secret mission that must be completed by going airborne in your F18, discreetly yet being aggressive, leaving no survivors. In your F18 you take on enemy pilots flying their F15 in a Russian valley. Enjoy the thrill of taking off, fly the plane against enemy aircraft and enjoy the thrill of landing amongst the top pilots in the world. In F16 Jet Fighter Airplane Sim, you have to fight for the air defense of the kingdom and experience the thrill of a flight simulator. In this war of air supremacy, you are an elite pilot fending off F18 and F16 in a hostile Russian territory. There’s no time for landing, it’s time to fight for glory in the air. F16 Jet Fighter Airplane Sim Key Features: - Close to Real Jet Fighter simulator - Engaging sound effects - Addictive sound track - User friendly GUI and controls - Attacking Helicopters, F15 and F18 Airplanes - Thrilling Combat and Story line

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3 October 2015

this is the worst game, I cant get the weapons to fire