F16 Army Fighter Simulation

F16 Army Fighter Simulation brings US army jets in air supremacy warfare that started. Take off with the most powerful jet airplane to strike F18 and F15 rivals in airplane simulator across the world. Air to air combat strike mission and objectives with most exotic controls. Strike back with most amazing strategy. Strike in green hills, deserts, and vast oceans to bring peace. You are trained pilot in F16 Army Fighter Simulation ready for flight in strike combat. Russians are at war. Return as strike force heroes. Gear up for the best flight in F16 Army Fighter Simulation with amazing armed fighters equipped with long range guided missiles, air to air combat, supersonic speeds, and flying like eagles on the pacific oceans in war. How to play F16 Army Fighter Simulation Tilt and GUI control options Russian warfare action Instant action strike game F16 Army Fighter Simulation is best air combat (air supermacy) where F16 airplanes are in combat. Russian jets and airplane flight experience is at your fingertips. Jump into the war with your airplanes and jets to bring justice in warfare with your amazing flight skills. Fly airplanes in warfare, bring justice and peace. Enjoy thrilling experience. Your jets fly with speed and have the ability to survive the combat. Succeed in Russian warfare. Visit our website http://www.ukartsgames.com/

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28 September 2015

Good game.