Face Slapper Unleashed!

Slap men and clowns for points and combos while avoiding the sweet faces of ladies and cuddly dogs and cats in this exciting race against the clock! Global Leaderboards show daily, weekly, and all-time high scores. Earn achievements which unlock bonus features. Compete against your friends with the online rivals feature or on the local leaderboard. Play with your Xbox 360 controller, mouse, or touch screen. Features fun music and awesome sound effects. Great for kids, adults, and the whole family! Free your inner child with a few well-placed slaps. Remember - don’t slap the fairer sex, or you’ll lose your multiplier as well as your dignity! Happy Slapping!


  • Touch screen, mouse, keyboard, and Xbox 360 controller support
  • Hilarious sound effects and silly graphics delight as you slap faces
  • Achievements that unlock bonus features and put extra time on the clock
  • Leaderboards that let you compete against your friends and the entire world
  • Tutorial to kick off proper slapping, and detailed instructions
  • Rewrites the book and adds depth to whack-a-mole style game play.
  • Intense and addictive face-slapping action
  • Revamps and improves upon the popular Xbox 360 game!

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11 February 2014

Great way to kill time...and get some aggressions out


9 February 2014

its fun


30 January 2014

Fun game


22 October 2013

LOVE this game! very addicting! :)


17 September 2013

Nice app if u have competitive buddies that u can play with


13 July 2013



20 May 2013

great mon


19 May 2013

3yr old loves it.


2 March 2013

Simple and highly addictive!


27 February 2013

good game... you will have a good time challenging friends for the high score

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