Fake Update

Do you want to grab a cup of coffee at work, but you don't want your boss to bother you because of it? Or maybe want to fool a friend and "erase all of his data". This app might be a solution to your problem. Install Fake Update and start it whenever you want to leave your desk for a quick break. Your absence will not be suspicious and you will be able to enjoy your coffee break without stress. Also, if you want to fool a friend, you can install this app on his PC and start an additional "Uninstall Windows and delete all data" fake screen. When fake screens are active, mouse pointer is invisible. To stop the simulation, one must type the "magic word", which is custom. We all need a break from time to time. People are sometimes even more productive when they have a coffee break. Of course, we advise you not to use this app often :)


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18 June 2016

This is an Ultimate Prank. I did this on my teacher and he got so mad I said "could I use the bathroom" and he let me and then I started laughing hard in the bathroom!


15 July 2015

Amuse Yourself and your friends with this time-killing app that enables you to waste all that time you saved by living in the PC Age!


12 July 2015

Its a very good game I show it to my dad he said omg


29 April 2015

I love it and I got ouT OF HOMEWORK MANY TIMES. I COULD NOT Recommend this app more. Get it or die.


18 April 2015

I like it and all but how is it going to work on my dad? he's really good on computers.


2 April 2015

Small issues, it doesn't use my color scheme, so almost a dead giveaway, and multi-monitor break the effect. But it worked good enough to get my prank on.