Farming Simulator

Play your favorite technical-simulation on your mobile! Discover a wide, agricultural scenery with fields, roads, your farm as well as a small village. Cultivate your fields with various three dimensional vehicles found in your generous fleet- modeled after original machines and vehicles by prestigious manufacturers. Take a seat at the wheel of authentic farm machines by DEUTZ-FAHR, KRONE, KRAMPE, AMAZONE, LEMKEN and KOTTE and start your own agricultural enterprise: plow and cultivate your fields, choose the seeds of your field crops out of three plants (corn, canola and wheat) and fertilize them to accelerate their growth. Sell the harvest and invest it into new equipment. As known from previous installments of the „Farming Simulator“-series, you will be supported by digital assistants, who take over the work you assign them to. That way you will be able to efficiently organize your farm and maximize your profit. Explore an open world with a dynamic day-night-cycle and become a successful farmer in the challenging free-play mode.Farming Simulator 2013 ® includes a host of new features and improvements: In the career mode you play the role of a farmer and experience the varied farming life in a completely new and freely accessible landscape. The new economy systems with variable corn prices allows you to earn money more strategically and invest in new buildings, vehicles and tools. You have access to over 100 authentic tractors, harvesters and tools of renowned manufacturers.


  • Put your favorite simulator into your pocket and play wherever and whenever you want.
  • Huge vehicle fleet with authentic machines by renowned manufacturers like DEUTZ-FAHR, KRONE, KRAMPE, AMAZONE, LEMKEN and KOTTE
  • Use a variety of detailed equipment and trailers
  • Computer-steered assistants help you with your work
  • Career-mode with management-part
  • Three different plants: corn, canola and wheat
  • Freely accessible world with dynamic day-night-cycle

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8 March 2016

I love this game


14 December 2015

Its bad you need to add way mar tractors and hafesters. There only one kind of tractors and harvesters in the game and its duets far and the horibal NEVER GET THIS GAME get farming simulator 14 its way better but it freezes on me and goes berserk.😄😏😇😌😔😌😐😄😔😐😌😐😍😏😈😔😍😔😅😈😌😅😔😌😏😔😅😍😏😔😌😏😔😄😌😔😅😍😔😐😍😐😍😈😔😄😌😔😇😏😌😚😏😌😇😔😏😌😄😔😏😍😔😄😈😏😔😅😈😌😔😅😈😌😔😌😘😅😔😌😏😚😏😌😔😄😌😏😇😔😇😌😏😔😄😌😏😔😄😌😏😔😄😈😏😔😄😇😌😔😇😌😔😇😌😔😌😇😄😔😄😔😌😇😉😌😔😇😉😔😌😇😄😔😌😇😔😌😇😔😌😇😄😌😇😉😔😔😇😅😌🍜🍡🍞🍤🍛🍠🍞🍤🍠🍞🍛🍧🍛🍡🍣🍧🍞🍡🚅🚢🚌🚒🚢🚅🚒🚢🚒🚕🚧🍖🍘🍖🍞🍖🍘🍚🍞🎀🎂🎅🎎🎀🎆🎉🎎🎀🎆😊😁😅😈😊😅😁😈😃😇😅😍😅😐😐😈😔😅😍😔😓😐😠😌😘😓😚😃😄😌😓😈😅😐😌😠😔😓😚😝😅😐😅😌😏😈😇😐😈😌😐😚😁😌😈😐😚😌😈😐😌😈😅😇😏😁😌😈😐😌😈😐😖😝😌😈😐😖😝😌😈😐😖😠😚😅😌😖😠😚😐😌😈😖😝😐😁😠😚😌😈😐😖😠😚😇😍😖😠😚😁😅😖😣😚😔😁😅😣😄😖😇😊😁😃😃😉😄😘😝😐😚😅😏😌😇😐😅😍😠😅😊😁😊😍😅😍


18 August 2015

I like this game because I do all my jobs In this game. First I cut the grain of from the ground. second I put it the tractor trailer. third I deliver it to the factory.


27 July 2015

Works fine on phone and tablet, but does not work on my PC for some reason. I have more than the minimum requirements, but for some reason it starts and never makes it passed the start/splash screen. The app closes within seconds of opening. I would love to be able to play on my PC, this is why I bought the game.


5 June 2015

I don't get some of the objectives but I do like simulation games and this one is number 1 in my top ten cart


31 May 2015

It is very nice and loveable game but it is too much expensive game I recommend that it must be free or less expensive so that every one should enjoy it very much. I chk people review they are enjoying trial verson and show their love for this game so I hope you will make easy for us


30 May 2015



5 March 2015

I have played this game on other devices and the controls are much better. I can't play more than a few minutes without getting annoyed and I end up just playing it on my phone.


23 January 2015

I really like this game a lot but I cant buy stuff on the store so i can only get the trial. Please make a free version. I would greatly appreciate it.


11 January 2015

It dos need some thing but all in all it is a good game

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