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    Watching user feedback and fixing issues as they are asked for, please email wpfeedreader@gmail.com for requests or questions. thank you! Release 33: • Passwords containing special characters weren't escaped properly, now fixed Release 30: • Improvements in calling NewsBlur Service Release 29: • Added NewsBlur Support to replace Google Reader, you can switch between the 2 until Google Reader is retired Release 27: • Fixed searching from charms bar when app is not launched • Searching via charms bar now shows both unread and read items

Feed Reader

The best and most customizable RSS news reader available for Windows 8. Now supports NewsBlur! Feed Reader is a modern news reader app with a classic list based design. Now with build in Instapaper and Pocket sharing! Quick access buttons like next/prev item, full screen, star/unstar, open in browser, mark as unread and mark a list read are available to quickly select without extra strokes. This is especially great for tablet usage and quickly getting through tons of articles. Full featured ad supported trial available.


  • Supports Windows 8 searching, to search through all your read and unread items from the search charm bar.
  • Background task which keeps your live tile updated with recent news and unread count.
  • You can pin your favorite feeds to your start menu.
  • Dark and Light themes supported and selectable through the application settings.
  • Full feed management to subscribe/unsubscribe feeds, rename or move feeds to folders.
  • Quickly Star/UnStar and mark any thread unread from the main page, no extra clicks to bring up the app bar.
  • Easy quick full screen reading from any device including quick next/prev buttons at the bottom when holding a tablet.
  • Full offline support, sync your news while online then read while disconnected from the net.
  • Expand/Collapse feed folders.
  • Many settings available to control auto refresh time, displaying of images in feed list, plus many more.
  • Quickly mark all items in a feed as read and the next feed will get automatically selected.
  • There a setting to have 'All unread' auto selected when the app starts for users that like to have this list selected when they start.
  • Select a default view for feed items from the cached html, live view or one of the mobilizer views (Google, Instapaper or Readability)
  • Instapaper and Pocket (formerly Read it Later) sharing built into the app.

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28 October 2015

I like that I can update on either the phone or my tablet, and read the articles either place.


28 April 2015

You can't select your own RSS feeds to display. It only offers 3 news services.


11 October 2014

Some feed doesn't sync and you don't know why ?


28 February 2014

Counts of stories go into the negatives sometimes. Seeing a bug now that it won't display all stories for a feed, even though it shows the count correctly. Feel like I wasted money on this app.


22 December 2013

Needs to support feedly and/or feeding - i will purchase when it does.


21 December 2013

There does not seem to be a way to use this RSS reader unless one uses newsblur.com.


19 November 2013



24 October 2013

What gives?


21 July 2013

I've been happily using Feed Reader on Windows Phone for a long time, so when it came out for Windows 8 I bought it without even trying the trial. The Windows 8 version works really well, although a few things do feel a bit 1.0-ish. Like everybody else, there was an initial issue with NewBlur sign-in, but it has been fixed for a while now and all is running smoothly. Thanks SammyJ!


8 July 2013

Update: Like others, I've found that News Blur doesn't work. Until it does, this app is just taking up space. I've finally found a reader app for my surface that I can use. Minus one star because I shouldn't be required to have a Google Reader account to read RSS feeds, but given the other features of this program I can live with that. And at least this app doesn't call itself an RSS reader and then require a Google apps account.

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