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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    This update includes live tile and toast notifications for mentions, new followers, stars and reposts. It is up to the user to opt in to each individually. Detailed release notes are at: http://ferret.undiscoveredsoftware.com/ReleaseNotes/RTMRelease4


Ferret is an App.net client for Windows 8. App.net is a different kind of social platform. It is a real-time social service where users and developers come first, not advertisers. Please note that there a monthly fee to use App.net in addition to the fee to buy Ferret, unless you have an invitation for a free App.net account. We have a limited number of free invitations available. Please visit our website for more information. With Ferret, you can view multiple streams at one time and rearrange your streams using drag and drop. Each stream automatically refreshes based on preferences you set for that stream type. Your streams are automatically saved when you exit the application, and are reloaded when you start it. You can post, repost, repost with comments, reply, and star/unstar posts. You can follow/unfollow and mute/unmute users. For any user, you can view their full profile, some sample posts, and their list of followers and who they are following. For each post, you can view attached location information, photos, videos, and other rich content within the detailed post view. Ferret has an advanced thread view that shows posts in a hierarchical format by reply, instead of the standard chronological order. You can collapse/expand replies to posts to make the thread easier to read. Ferret now includes notifications via live tiles and toasts. You can choose to be notified when you are mentioned, someone begins following you, someone stars one of your post and/or someone reposts one of your posts. You can opt in or out of notifications for each of those events individually. Ferret now includes private messaging support. You can create a private room where you and one or more other App.net users can message/chat with each other. A home screen allows you to see your list of streams, as well as all your private message rooms sorted by most recent activity, and an indication if there is an unread message in each room. Ferret allows you to authorize multiple App.net account and switch between them.


  • View multiple streams at one time and rearrange your streams using drag and drop
  • Streams automatically refresh based on your preferences
  • Receive notifications when mentioned, followed, starred and/or reposted
  • Advanced thread view
  • Exclude posts by keyword
  • Multiple account support

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15 April 2013

I just got the client the other day and I couldn't get the app to authorize. The developer spent the last few days personally helping me out and getting this problem sorted out. Great application and great developer.


22 March 2013

Great app & the developer is quick to reply, always updating the app. For those who complain about the few $$$ for the app, it's worth it. Give up one cup of Coffee @ Starbucks! :-)


2 March 2013

Keep those updates coming. This is my windows 8 client.


4 February 2013

Awesome app. Great job!


17 November 2012

all-around a good app.net client; enjoyed using it briefly during the trial but unfortunately don't have a strong need for it at this point.. I appreciate the work the dev has put into creating this (so far the best in the store), but given the small app.net userbase and, as such little engagement, I find it hard to justify a purchase of a client I'd rarely use. hopefully as app.net grows and I start using it more I'll revisit.


12 November 2012

Yes, Ferret does require an active subscription to App.net, which costs a monthly fee (currently $5 per month or $36 annually). I'm sorry that wasn't clear in my previous description. I have since modified the description to make it as clear as possible. I am more than happy to give a refund to anyone who misunderstood. I contacted the Microsoft Store support staff in an attempt to contact Alex directly, but they could not provide his contact info. They suggested I post on here instead.


9 November 2012

Don't buy this unless you want to pay another $5 for app.net account. Not cool at all.


2 November 2012

Ferret gives you a column layout similar to the old Tweetdeck and updates live. It also has a great snapped view for when you're using another app but still want to follow you stream. Money well spent, I recommend it highly!