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    ** v2.3.0 update ** ★ Holiday Promotion: Upgrade to full version for FREE! ** v2.2.0 update ** 1. Browse shared files in SkyDrive 2. Find how to use File Brick in "Help" 3. Receive shared content from another Windows Store app by Share Charm 4. Support Hungarian 5. Fix twitter login issue ** v2.1.1 update ** Fix the Flickr time zone issue ** v2.0.0 update ** 1. New UI design 2. Search files in search charm 3. Support File Picker 4. Support Japanese, French, German ** v1.9.0 update ** Bug fix ** v1.8.0 update ** 1. List the file path and you can jump to any folder level. 2. Add ʺOpen Withʺ button to open files with other programs. 3. Support to remove media library shortcut in Home screen. 4. Fix Google Drive connection problem.

File Brick

** Reviewed as the "Best" and "Favorite" file manager for Windows 8 Modern UI! ** Simple, responsive, and stable, File Brick combines local drive and cloud storage to help you explore your files more easily while providing full functions of a file manager. More than that, File Brick also serves the role to link your social network including Facebook and Twitter, and media channels such as Youtube, Picasa and Flickr. Now you can browse your friends' shared photos or your Youtube channels as easy as you are browsing your local folder. Want a more interactive way to browse all your contents? Just enjoy it with File Brick! ** FREE version: Basic functions (with Ads and lock for some cloud services) ** Full version: - No Ads - Enable Box, Youtube, Picasa, Flickr, Twitter


  • Browse files in local drives, including HDD, external USB drive, phone, camera..etc.
  • Browse files in cloud storages, support Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Youtube.
  • Basic file operation: copy/paste/move/rename/delete/new folder.
  • In-app playback of media files, including music, video, and photo.
  • Thumbnail view for quick preview of contents.
  • Link to public folder on a DLNA server

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3 June 2015

This was my go to app when I wanted to easily manage between multiple cloud services, and my computer. Sadly, things seem to be breaking, and not getting fixed. It appears that the developer has abandoned the application.


1 June 2015

I downloaded this only so that I could share files through metro with the metro email client easily. Instead, it's another headache. Whatever I type in the email body simply get thrown out into the ether and only the attachments come through...


5 May 2015

I am having issues connecting to Google Drive.


18 April 2015

please add a copy apps copy.com


23 February 2015

Seems that the developer has stopped involving with the app. Sad and very bad attitude.


18 February 2015

It's a beautiful app, user interface is awesome and customization options are on par, but it's terribly sad that the connectivity issues are increasing rather than being repaired. First it was Box, which I'm sure was tied to Heartbleed, understandable but somebody should be working on it. Then it was Facebook, they say File Brick "developers have not set up this app properly for Facebook login." Now Dropbox fails to sign in. It wouldn't even by that big of an issue if you would address your users or respond to an email. I would be glad to purchase this app but will not do so when it doesn't work. If you'd like to respond you can start with the unanswered emails in your app_support_FileBrick@compal.com inbox. Edit (021715): Don't waste your time, app has not been updated since before Heartbleed was discovered. Could be an excellent app and looks great but isn't usable for much in the current state.


11 February 2015

Two things I would like to see. 1. The Ability to change the background 2. Show Picture on Folders for Music, Movies. ETC.


29 January 2015

This app has great potential but there are issues logging in to various services. Facebook is the most recent victim. The developer has not updated the app to work with Facebook. It looks like an abandoned app. Too bad as I really liked it.


24 December 2014

Would be exactly what I needed if it worked properly. Could never get it to work with Flickr, Facebook, or box. Worked with onedrive and Dropbox fine, wish the others worked.


23 December 2014

What good is it if I still need to run the Dropbox client? It says it isn't set up for Facebook, and Dropbox kicks me out with an incorrect login error. What's the deal?

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