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    Release 52 (Oct 12 2017) Fluent design, option to show size on all files Release 51 Design tweaks and bug fixes Release 50 Redesign, new windows can be opened even if the initial window is closed Release 49 View file extension setting Release 46 Context menu Release 44 Parent folder feature Release 43 Image toolbar - print the image, set it as the lock screen or desktop wallpaper, show the photo location on the map Release 42 Critical bug that caused constant CPU usage and unresponsiveness after certain period fixed. Release 41 New modern reminder with snooze options on the notification Release 40 Redesign of the card panel Release 39a Ergonomic theme, design overhaul Release 39 Find duplicates, crashes when managing workspaces in a secondary window fixed Release 38 Progress flyout with ability to track and cancel each ongoing operation Release 37 Sort descending Release 36 Items in the active card counter, ink selections - draw line over the items to select them, many ink and other bug fixes Release 35 Ink shortcuts - write shortcut over the file or over the card to perform an action Release 34 Taskbar jumplist to open window with a specific workspace Release 33 Workspace selector in the top of the window Release 32 Right click on the template to select it, many bug fixes and further Windows 10 Fall style updates Release 29 Visual and other updates to accommodate upcoming changes in the Windows 10 Fall update

File Cards

The most advanced file manager suite redesigned from the ground up to get the maximum value of all Surface devices, Continuum and classic PCs. Use cards, zoomed out view and workspaces to navigate your huge collection of files and folders as easy you would navigate Google maps. Instead of watching just one folder in Windows File explorer or two folders in 'Commander' apps, add as many cards as you wish and see your device at a glance. Create your own workspaces as a group of logically connected cards/folders to easily switch between various segments of your data. Searching through the workspace with File Cards tools (where you may enable to see items contained in all subfolders, or filter all the cards by the file type) is the quickest and most intuitive way to find the files as you organize data in the app exactly the way you think about them. The app brings state of the art multiple windows management with ability to drag a card to rearrange its position in the current window, to move it to another window, or to create a new window. All classic file and folder operations like delete, cut, copy and paste, opening of folders and files, creation of compressed files and their extraction (.zip, .7z, .rar, .gzip, .tar) are reinvented and refreshed. Reminders will help you not to forget to complete your tasks, even if the app is not opened and the live tile will remind you on the pending work. Find all duplicates in a workspace. Smart rename for multiple items - rename one and all the selected items will be updated. From the author of the app Speech Central which was part of the official Best of 2014 collection in the Store.


  • Card based interface to see the contents of many folders at a glance
  • Zoomed out view to quickly move between large number of folders
  • Drag and drop support to move items between cards and windows
  • Double tap/click the card to paste into it
  • Zip file support - extraction, adding new items, creating new archives
  • Filter items by their type in one card or all of cards
  • Enable look through to see contents of all subfolders
  • Search across all of the cards with the one input
  • Change the sort order of the card or leave it to automatic
  • Pin individual files to the Start screen
  • Navigation history available at a glance as collapsed cards
  • Smart rename for multiple items
  • Hold tap on the item to select all items between the last selected item and the current item
  • All standard keyboard shortcuts from File explorer are implemented
  • Paste text and images as new files
  • Receive files, text and images and save them to the card
  • Share files with other apps
  • Indication of what content and how many items are in the Clipboard
  • Reminders that work when the app is closed, and are also shown on the live tile
  • Find duplicate files

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17 June 2015

very good app :)


25 March 2015

It will be very useful Thanks dev! will purchase asap edit; and purchased, quality app! thanks again