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    Provides the ability to access the Documents Library and any other location on your computer or external device. These other locations show up as a location you can browse just like the libraries in the previous version. This update includes numerous bug fixes reported or discovered after the first release.

File Explorer

File Explorer is an app that can be used to browse your local file system and interact with your files. Supports all your libraries by default and allows you to add any location from your computer or external device. It even allows adding files from another app to your local folder using the picker or by completing a share while you are in a different app. File operations that are supported include: New Folder, Copy, Move, Add, Delete, Rename, and Open With.


  • Different view modes including ability to browse two locations at once
  • Location bar for easy access to previous folders
  • Create new folders
  • Add files from other apps using the Picker
  • Rename, Delete, Copy, and Move files
  • Search your libraries
  • Share selected files in File Explorer to another application
  • Launch files with the appropriate application
  • Paste files into a folder that you copied in File Explorer or elsewhere in Windows
  • Supports sharing to a local folder when you are using another app
  • Sort folder contents by name or date

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25 December 2012

I have installed a number of other file browser apps and I definitely think this is the best application for browsing files. I love the fact that I can view two folders at one time. Anxiously awaiting the release of the update!


13 December 2012

Don't waste your money. There are much better file managers out there that are free too


29 November 2012

Paid for this and found out that it can only browse libraries, can't open any other location ! I want my money back !