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    NEW Totally Free Unlimited Cloud Organization !!! NEW Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive all supported !!! Added in-app Video demo. Performance enhancements and minor bug fixes. Version 1.5: Fix for app launch on some PCs.

File Funnel (File Organizer)

Finally! Automatically Upload & Organize All Of Your Files! "Smart" Uploading is here! Whether you want to upload and organize hundreds of files to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive cloud or simply organize your disks, File Funnel is an innovative, one of a kind, one-stop app that can do it automatically! Instead of having your files scattered in multiple places, File Funnel will gather and centralize your files. Files will be organized into categories and file types that are easy to find. Stop wasting time searching for files on your Clouds, hard disks, USB flash drives, networked drives or memory cards. Instead, find them easily, already organized, and quickly access your files! File Funnel can organize your files to the Cloud, to Disk, or both at the same time! The versatility of organizing to the Cloud makes your files available to you Wherever you are on Whatever device is in your hand! File Funnel’s Auto Scan technology will gather similar files for a particular category and file type. File Funnel will let you organize files in a way that is customized to your liking, with easy preferences you can select or leave as is. File Funnel does the sorting work for you! Files are organized automatically. Need to quickly find your Presentations on your phone, tablet, or laptop? Tap on your Presentations folder in your organized Cloud or on your organized Disk and see all of them neatly categorized. Do the same with your Pictures, Videos, Spreadsheets, Text Documents, PDFs, or whatever file types you have! File Funnel makes it all possible!


  • Easily organize Clouds, entire hard disks, USB flash drives, networked drives, or memory cards
  • Automatically upload to and organize your Cloud, whether you have hundreds or thousands of files, all at once!
  • Finally gather and find recent or past years' pictures, videos, music, documents and any other file types in one place, whether to your cloud or to disk, nicely categorized!
  • Use the powerful Auto Scan button to automatically find the File Types available for your files. File Funnel drills down through all folders and files in your Source folder
  • Process all files with up to 14 different powerful settings (or leave as is). Organize Your Way!
  • Preview all files organized by Category, with all settings chosen, so you know where each file will be organized to - whether to your Cloud or to Disk or even both!
  • Export the list of all files organized before (Preview) and after a funnel (to a .CSV formatted file)
  • View the short visual in-app Tour to easily learn more about all the powerful features!
  • Easily scroll through all Categories, File Types, and Settings chosen on the main screen
  • Should you close the app in the middle of a funnel, you can continue later
  • View and export the detailed history of your last 5 funnels
  • Use the organized grouped files to easily use Windows Libraries with other apps or the Cloud!
  • After organization, more easily share years of photos, videos, documents, and other files with friends, family, or co-workers
  • Upload unlimited amounts of files and organize your Cloud completely Free! And take advantage of an upgrade if you only want to work with your offline disks to have organized digital life backups

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11 September 2014

It crashes all the time in windows 8


21 May 2014

I used the app once like 5 months ago and really liked it. Now every time I start it up it shuts down within 10 seconds. Bummer. Any help?


19 April 2014

I don't mind ads so much, but flashing ads that begin to multiply on the screen. No thanks. You can keep your software. Why would you think I needed distractions when I'm trying to organize. Couldn't even read the settings to get started.


18 March 2014

Used dropbox and Google drive. Uploaded 5 GB of data with it auto organized


15 March 2014

It is slow but meticulous....has organized my pics in a great way. I spent hours doing the same thing.


23 February 2014

I am mighty confused -- when I want to access my .docx files, I do not find that among the file types, only .txt; when I want to access my .wav files, the audio folder gives me only midi files, most of which I have never saved so I don't know where they are coming from. I have taken the tours and watched videos and I still don't know what is going on. I have a further inkling of how this works but the program is truly baffling. I click on words like "Categories" and get no response. I see no way to close the Funnel page so I can name my Source and Destination. I get to folders and I am told they are empty. I right click and swipe items and nothing happens. Worst of all, when I finally manage to find and open something that has been sorted, I still find Word documents mingled with audio documents in the same folder. What is going on?????


21 January 2014

Could not open File Funnel at first until I reviewed it.


24 December 2013

Not sure the app worked as described


11 December 2013

I really haven't had a chance to try it yet. it keeps asking for me to review it but haven't had a chance to check it out


6 November 2013

Was trying to find a way to organize my files onto Google Drive for ease of use... I came across File Funnel in the store and decided to give it a try... It's spectacular and efficient! Plus it has many other features!

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