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    v1.1.4 - Support thumbnails for more file types such as videos, ppt, etc. - Reduce CPU usage. v1.1.3 - Add Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Korean translation. v1.1.2 - Fix date format error when connect to Box. v1.1.1.0 - In order to let user evaluate all features before purchase, we changed trial version strategy. Now trial version can access all features but will expire in 7 days. - Fix an FTP server connection problem. v1.1.0 - Stream remote music and video files without download using built-in music and video streaming player. v1.0.1 - Fix photo corrupt problem when upload to some FTP server. - Change default file launch action to direct open instead of open as dialog. - Minor bug fixes.

File Manager HD

Popular file manager application now comes to windows 8! New designed UI following Windows 8 UI guideline! Optimized user interaction for touch screen such as Surface! Multiple resolution support up to 2560*1440! Explore files on shared folder, FTP and popular cloud storages transparently! Try it NOW! Important Notice: - Please add local storage (such as "C drive") or SMB shared folders (such as "") to main screen before accessing them. Third-party applications need to be authorized by user before access these file locations. Trial version will expire in 7 days.


  • New designed UI following Windows 8 UI guideline.
  • Optimized user interaction for touch screen such as Surface.
  • Multiple resolution support up to 2560*1440.
  • Elegant high resolution icons for more than 170 file types.
  • Browse local picture, song and video libraries.
  • Manage local storages and SMB/LAN shares.
  • FTP client with multiple encodings support(FTPS and SFTP are not supported).
  • Access cloud storages including SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and SugarSync.
  • Stream remote music and video files without download using built-in music and video streaming player.
  • Multi-tab support, easily transfer files across different file locations.
  • Thumbnails for picture files.
  • Cut, copy, paste files and cancelable progress dialog.
  • Directly browse and extract compressed file such as zip, rar, 7z, tar and gzip.
  • Multiple selections support.
  • Various sort and view modes.

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7 July 2015

There appears to be absolutely no way to add my local hard drives to the interface! What's the point? This app is a total bust when it's offered for free, much less paying for it. Wow.


27 May 2015

Can't get onto Google drive, Dropbox login just hangs when clicking login...


30 April 2015

I'm using a Dell venue pro 8. This kind of software should be included with Windows 8. Value for money.


4 March 2015

Everything has been working great but recently Google drive connectivity stopped working.. please look into it , thanks


20 January 2015

Supports SkyDrive but not onedrive for business, otherwise appears to work as advertised


16 August 2014

you still can't get rid of the sevices you don't want or use. Support basically said , no you can't delete them. Not a very good programing choice. Don't buy it yet... wait til this is fixed. It's annoying.


21 June 2014

The interface is probably the cleanest and easiest to use I've seen so far on the Store. Copying or moving files is really slooow compared to Windows Explorer, and it doesn't seem to support background operations - switching to another app "pauses" the copy/move. Going split screen is a workaround for that. Also wish it had an "Open with" option to choose which program to open a file with.


31 May 2014

I like all my local and cloud drives on one place. But access to Gdrive has been broken for over two months.


13 May 2014

Anyone know how to do this? I love the design and everything, and I can download files via ftp, but how do you upload?


23 April 2014

Global settings? Way to search? Want to delete that file zero size? How about hiding account services I'll never use? Send to printer? Multi select to (del, copy, move) Want to rename files, folders? Things I got use to Android Astros File Manager. Yet sounds from others this is the best out there for a Surface. First reaction, why is it locked to landscape? I use my Surface in portrait, too, and doesn't make sense to not support rotating screen.

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