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Fine Cooking is the best magazine for anyone who’s interested in cooking. Whether you’re just starting out or are ready to tackle the most advanced dishes, you’ll find recipes you want to make, inspirational ideas, test kitchen tips, and mouth-watering photographs – everything you need to make the most of your time in the kitchen. • We’re 100% focused on food Whether it's a feature on a chef's signature dishes or vineyards, food is at the center of every article. We bring you both the inspiring and the practical sides of cooking. • We appeal to all skill levels Every issue includes articles to instruct and challenge beginners as well as truly adventurous cooks — and everyone in between. • Our recipes are triple-tested. More than a list of ingredients with directions, our recipes are tested and adjusted in our kitchen until we’re sure you’ll get the same results in yours.

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18 April 2016

I unable to purchase magazine in app. It constantly says checking price check back later but nothing changes. Please fix the bug. Really love this app otherwise.


17 January 2015

In my opinion, this is the best cooking magazine in print. Not overkill on advertisements, recipes are all together, meaning you don't start with a recipe then have to go to page 150 to complete. Wonderful tips, great pictures. Just an all around wonderful magazine, always look forward to seeing the new issues.


16 October 2014

This app was great when it worked, now when I try to access the app it just keeps loading and "updating issues" please fix!!


23 August 2014

Love the actual magazine. Can't get the app to work correctly on my tablet and not at all on my Windows 8. Sent email to the company...NO RESPONSE.


18 April 2014



4 November 2013

how make dosa


19 July 2013

This app has no recipes. It is a vending site that will ask you to pay 30 dollars for a subscription, or 7 to 12 dollars for single issues of the print magazine "online".


20 April 2013

I subscribed for this for a year, So I will continue to suffer with it, but it is in need of some TLC. You are continually prompted to download "magazines" that you have previously downloaded. 140 MB at a shot, hope you're not on a metered connection. There are times when it will link you to the website - which is great for all of the additional content and the ability to cut and paste or Print ..bur at other times, the browser is imbedded and hamstrung.


27 October 2012

This is a very well done app for Surface. Fine Cooking is awesome for letting subscribers have the online edition for free. I have the iPad app as well, I like this version a lot more. Love the text view for recipes -- this is an excellent feature and it will be great for cooking from the recipe. The visual table of contents interface is also nice. Thanks!


26 October 2012

This went a bit funny before I upgraded to the final version of windows and now it works perfectly. Great application, thank you Fine cooking.

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