Flash Cards

Practice your math speed drills with Flash Cards. This electronic version of classic math flash cards tests your speed at completing a series of math problems up to tables of 12. How fast can you finish a quiz?


  • Cover the basics with pre-defined quizzes or create your own.
  • Quizzes can include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for math tables 1 to 12.
  • Track your improving score over time and share your accomplishments with your friends.

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8 April 2015

This is by far the best flash car app we found for all of our kids. They hated the timed quiz type apps, but this one allowed them to compete against their own score on their own customized stacks. Unfortunately, it has only worked sporadically for the past week or so. You get halfway through a stack and then the equation side of the screen goes blank, causing the quiz to freeze.


18 December 2014

This app is great for kids struggling with math memory and number sense. It is missing a key piece in supporting students struggling with long multiplication/division. It would be beneficial to have the division problems presented in a way that allows students to visually see groupings or long division. It is, however, easy to use and very simple for younger-age students!


8 December 2014

I like the app flashcards.It helps you with all your math skills. The app doesn't have to many questions, its just enough !


5 November 2013

This is an elegant, minimalist, yet robust math facts app. Some reviewers suggest it needs more visuals and effects. Those are exactly what is NOT needed. This app cuts to the core of what one needs to practice and master math facts--end of story.


9 October 2013

this game is awesome it helped me when I had trouble with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division I recommend this app to children.


24 February 2013

Esta forma de practicar las operaciones básicas está buena! ya que te dan un "record" y tu lo decides pasar! (eso es en mi caso, no sé en otros) Lo malo es que debería ser mas didáctico, un ejemplo, sería poner la operación en una gota que va cayendo y tu la tienes que responder lo más rápido posible, ya que atrás viene otra, por lo tanto sería con un tiempo que pasa, de acuerdo a que tan bien y rápido respondas las operaciones.


19 February 2013

Customizable perfect for my 1st grader!


22 December 2012

The App is simple but limited. The Maximun Calculation you can do is 12+12, 12x12, 12/12 and 12-12. This is the maximum, you can't go over 13 or 99. I wish these app would support more digits a maximum of 999999 atleast.


19 November 2012

This a good application but needs more visual effects and graphics to make appealing to kids Thanks


2 November 2012

Nice interface. Had to look up the scoring formula on the company website. Basically the score is a mix of speed, correctness and quiz complexity. Worth the download.

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