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    NEW IN 3.0.2 • Fixed - Failing to save settings causing app to start w defaults • Fixed - Tap on photos doesn't open fullsize photo NEW IN 3.0 • Improved performance • Toggle data sources like FAA, FLARM, ADS-B in settings • Updated model graphics - Improved quality and more models • Choose to use local or UTC time on Airports • Choose to display temperatures in C or F • Airport markers and aircraft labels are hidden at low zoom levels • Pinned aircraft now with photo where available • Favorites removed in favor or improved pinning


Turn your Windows Device into an air traffic radar and see airplane traffic around the world in real-time. Discover why millions are already using FlightRadar24. FlightRadar24 is, or has been the number one travel app in more than 50 countries including Germany, France, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia. We are frequently featured in the media and recent media mentions include Bild (Germany), Le Monde (France), and CNN (US). COVERAGE We are constantly working to expand FlightRadar24’s global coverage. Below is a breakdown of our coverage as of August 2012. For the most up-to-date coverage, please visit http://www.flightradar24.com * EUROPE Roughly 95% of the continent covered * NORTH AMERICA Complete coverage in the US and Canada (but with 5 minute delay) thanks to FAA data. Additional real-time data in large parts of the two countries. Minor coverage in Mexico * Rest of the World We have coverage in parts of Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Greenland, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Middle East, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and many other countries Please note that coverage will vary. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please note that FlightRadar24 only can track aircraft equipped with an ADS-B transponder. The exception is in the US and Canada where we get radar data from the FAA and can track almost all planes, but with a five-minute delay. Visit http://www.flightradar24.com for more information about ADS-B and FlightRadar24’s coverage.


  • Planes moving in real-time
  • Comprehensive information for each individual plane, including route, speed, altitude and more
  • Easy to search for a specific flight or airport
  • Flight trails and callsigns directly on map
  • Live tile with social updates
  • Augmented Reality View (requires sensors)
  • Pin flights and airports to your start screen
  • Airport arrivals and departures

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30 June 2015

it will not let me download the apt


28 June 2015

Keeps reducing to task bar. Unable to find flights. Won't track flights. Waste of time ...


23 May 2015

It will be nice if you can incorporated the company logos on the map , like on the ipad one. thanks in advance.


12 May 2015

On new PC with Win8.1 cannot get app to show cockpit even after download of google earth. Otherwise very nice and informative.


3 April 2015

When selecting an airport, not all departing flights are displayed, even if the website of the airport does show them. Also, if a departure is delayed, it disappears from the departure list prematurely. Finally, it always starts up over Sweden. Why not where I left off last time?


13 February 2015

have problem with planes are not displaying. Sometimes the planes do not display at all and other times I must restart the program 4 or 5 times to see airplanes. Tried to reload and all it says that I already own it and does nothing. Any suggestion would be useful...


8 February 2015



4 February 2015

I agree with mark, the poster before me. everything he said is accurate. the app used to be great, now it does nothing. it sucks because not only did I pay for the app, but also paid for the extra aircraft models. i'm starting to think that most of these app companies are fly by night companies who just seem to disappear after they've made enough money off ppl. I curse you flightradar. you were my favorite app, now you're just a memory and a waste of a few dollars. thanks for being useless!


20 January 2015

This used to be the best flight tracking app out there, but recent updates have made it unusable. After not using it for several months, I started the app, but all the labels on the aircraft say "UPDATE-YOUR-FR24-APPA139. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but that didn't help. Now, there are only about 10 aircraft in the Los Angeles area, none of them are moving. The screen is not updating anymore. The labels still say to update the app. Too bad :-( I even tried updating the app like their website recommends (uninstall, reboot, reinstall), with no success. BTW, the app continues to work great on my iPod Touch.


11 January 2015

Nice app, but takes forever to load up and then is very slow. I can imagine with all the thousands of flight information that it would be an issue.

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