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    v2.4.6 - Minor UI enhancements. v2.4.5 - Mind Map diagram. - Bug fixes. - Minor UI enhancements. v2.4.4 - Rack diagram. - Bug fixes. - Minor UI enhancements. v2.4.3 - Multiple language support. - Minor UI enhancements. v2.4.2 - Additional page sizes. - Shape re-size and alignment guide enhancements. - Minor UI enhancements. v2.4.1 - Import images. - Shape re-size and alignment bug fix. - Minor UI enhancements. v2.3.1 - Win 10 scaling shape border issue fix. - Minor UI enhancements. v2.3.0 - 10 pages per drawing. - Minor UI enhancements. v2.2.9 - Pen mode. - Shape recognition in pen mode (beta). - Zoom selection. - Minor UI enhancements. v2.2.8 - Recent files list. v2.2.7 - Minor UI tweak for 3:2 res. v2.2.6 - New shapes and Images. v2.2.5 - Bug fixes and minor UI enhancements. v2.2.4 - Junction jogs.. - Bug fixes. v2.2.3 - Adjust end point position for shape line connectors. v2.2.2 - Copy page as image to clipboard - Image export will now crop to diagram bounds - Minor UI tweaks v2.2.1 - Minor UI tweaks - Included page orientation button in the bottom menu for quick access v2.2 - Adjust shape line connectors - UI changes: Moved line style selector to the left pane.

Flowdia Diagrams

Flowdia is an easy to use flow diagram tool that can be used to quickly create professional quality Flow Charts, Mind Maps, BPMN 2.0 diagrams, Network and Server Layouts, Rack diagrams, UML Activity and Class diagrams. You can add up to 10 pages to any drawing. Easily copy / duplicate pages from the page button menu. This menu can be invoked by long press or right click on the page button. You can export the diagrams to PDF, PNG and JPG formats. Easily add swim lanes to a page by selecting either the Horizontal or Vertical Swimlane button from the left menu. Quickly connect shapes by simply selecting the start and end connection points. The trial version of this app is fully functional for 14 days.


  • Print and Export as Image functionality.
  • Export as PDF.
  • Add up to 10 pages to a drawing.
  • A4, A3, A5, Letter, Legal, Tabloid, B4 (JIS) and B5 (JIS) page sizes.
  • Easily create Swim Lanes by selecting the chart type and add or remove lanes in a single tap.
  • Easily connect shapes by selecting the start and end connection points.
  • Adjust shape line connectors.
  • UML Class wizard to help quickly create class diagrams.
  • High quality network images included for Network Layout Diagrams.
  • Copy / Delete / Align multiple shapes.
  • Hide Shapes pane to maximise displayed canvas area.
  • Copy page to clipboard.
  • Import images.
  • Shape alignment and re-size guides.

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10 May 2015

Worth every penny! I was looking for a cheap piece of software that could make UML diagrams and flow charts. This does exactly what it is suppose to do. The only thing that could make this better is if we could increase the size of the work area (or maybe I'm over looking that functionality?)


30 January 2015

Did the trial and bought it on the second day. As a student I use this to chart GIS vector and raster analysis sequences on my surface tablet. It is just about perfect, no real issues, and takes a fraction of the time of my peers who use powerpoint to make their flowcharts. It is super convenient to polish a chart up to a professional look and export a PDF to include in lab exercises or poster presentations. Highly recommended for students looking to flow chart their work.


25 January 2015

If all you want to do is create org charts, this is VERY good and easy to use and understand. I purchased the 9.99 software for its simplicity and the ability to save to jpg/PDF files. I would give it 5 stars if the author allows for "recent documents" when you open the software, rather than having to find the file that was created.


24 August 2014

This is the same problem all the apple store diagrams apps have, no support for vsd\vsdx export. I kinda expected apple programmers to short change that feature on a Microsoft format, but not a .NET Architect. This app is awesome, hence the three stars, but without this feature there is no collaborative creation of content.


18 August 2014

This is a wonderful app. It has almost everything That I need in a diagraming application. It just needs a little more options for editing shapes, ability to use different fonts and font sizes simultaneously inside a shape, the capability to import pictures, support for common Windows key combinations (like CTRL + Z), to be able to setup margins, to centralize full diagrams and the ability to use legal and letter paper sizes.


20 June 2014

Very good.


8 June 2014

Has good features but cannot figure out how to align multiple shapes at the same time


10 May 2014

I do a lot of flow charts for work. I tried several on the store. Some that cost 4 times as much. This app is very easy to use and allows you to quickly crank out flow charts. I'm impressed great job developer. If possible please add Visio file import and export.


28 April 2014

Nice app but would be better if I could figure out how to link page one to page two etc. Not real good page formatting? How do I get flowchart to fit one page??


3 March 2014

Well worth it, I tried several and this was the easiest to use. I do have two suggestions: Allow us to change the type of shape without removing it and putting in a new one. I really had no idea what each shape meant, but to make sure I do not look bad at work with those who do, I started changing some of my instructions prior to giving them to people. Requiring me to rework all of them. This option would be really helpful. I suggest including in the tutorial a list of what everything means. Would make Flowdia stand out even more than the competition. Number of shapes or lines, so we can add more detail like a footnote explaining a step further. Small shapes are not very good for long explanations.

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