Flux Family Secrets: The Ripple Effect

[UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME!] A mysterious family has contacted you and holds the secrets of your past! Fix the errors in time in this exciting Hidden Object game and take your rightful place in the Flux family! Explore famous historical sites like Hatshepsut's tomb, the Wright Brothers' workshop, Benjamin Franklin's study and many more. Flux Family Secrets: The Ripple Effect has you realign the timeline by finding misplaced objects scattered through time and solving clever puzzles.


  • Travel back and forth through time to search for items and clues.
  • 10 Chapters, over 20 mini games, and multiple interactive scenes.
  • Relaxed mode.
  • Get help! Optional tutorial and hints with auto recharge.
  • Visual object list.
  • Collectible inventory and toolkit objects.
  • Explore scenes in close up with integrated pinch zoom magnification

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26 August 2016

I love the game from Lillian e smith


19 July 2016

The title says it


24 June 2016

Well, I really loved the game, it is challenging yet alone it makes you put your mind together and piece all of the puzzling challenges together, its just wonderful! The ending was a very big surprise for me, but I guess u wont know until u play it yourself. Hope you enjoy it. :D


6 June 2016

I like the game, but it has been stuck in the inventory level for awhile now and its frustrating because I can't find any helps to get it unstuck so I can solve the final clues!! Very sad. I'd rate it higher, but when there is no way to move forward with a game, it's time to let go and move on to some else.


4 June 2016

One of my favorite hidden object game including some adventure.


25 May 2016

The ripple is so effective it tends to hide the whole game. Its not worth the effort to download.


30 April 2016

I love this game its very fun to play


20 April 2016

The graphics are great, it doesn't have a bunch of items you have to buy or collect like some of the other hidden object games I have downloaded, can't wait for the sequel, I like this game so much that I will reset it just so I can play it again, good job, highly recommended, please don't take to long to add the sequel.😊


11 April 2016

I like how it resets itself


30 March 2016


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