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  • Published by: Robert D. Wilkens of Levittown, NY ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Recent Updates: -Bug Fixes -Drafts now supported, can be saved in Drafts folder .. Note if you edit a draft, you have to save it again if you want to keep it, otherwise it will be lost Older Updates: -Message Decoding Improvements -Assorted bug fixes and clean-up -Printing it now prepared before print button is available. -Added "Display Name" to account settings, for outgoing from address display name -Improvement on Subject decoding and display in inbox -Improvements in error message display for server STAT errors (usually temporary errors) -Font size boost for header fields (From/to/Subject/etc.) -Font size boost for Message List


This POP3 Mail Client is an alternative to the Windows Mail(tm) software, at this time only POP3 servers are supported, not IMAP or Exchange. Multiple accounts are supported, and folders are offered as an option to organize mail. "Select All" is an option at the bottom when deleting messages, if you need to massively delete many messages. The default setting for the message list is on the right side, which is optimized for right handed people who are using touch screens and reach in from the right side to select messages, though you can change this through the app settings. Contacts are selected by default with the "People" app in Windows, which shares contacts among various apps.


  • POP3 Mail Client
  • HTML Composing/Viewing, Attachment handling

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6 January 2015

can not send mail from it can anyone help me I am using a pop3 account


11 December 2014

The program has no help with, it if you have any thing that is typed with the wrong info, your dead in the water. Bob Salley


6 December 2014

I am happy with the program but it needs a SEARCH function. Not every email needs a folder so it would be nice to be able to search for senders. If search is ever added, I will give 5 stars.


26 October 2014

Fmail does not show attachments.


6 October 2014

Missing folders, leaves last message save on inbox screen, does bcc when I want to do cc, etc. Very useful though, I hope future releases will improve. Needs more fuction for the price.


23 September 2014

Got my mail which I have not been able to do w/ Outlook? But I have not found out how to print my mail from fMail OR how to get my contacts . Also would like to have some additional folders.


21 September 2014

could not get it to work-time ran out- 1 day is not enough time. now I can't try again because my free trial has expired


14 July 2014

This app worked okay for a little while, but once it downloaded the old email from the server it basically shut down. Now I cannot even use it since every time I open the app it starts loading over a thousand emails and I cannot delete anything until they all load, I can't stop an account, I can't do anything with this app since I don't have forever to wait for emails to load. I can't delete a series of emails either, you have to select each one, no select all button or option. Frustrating. I am sure it would work well if I could just get rid of all these old emails.


12 June 2014

I got the "f" and you got my five bucks...enjoy it!


22 April 2014

Tried everything to connect and it just won't work. Settings work on my MacBook Pro, but not on fMail. Sorry.

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