A dream to make the best healthy n delicious food possible at your home. That's where you start on our Food-Factory From their we launch you into a graphical journey. Its a application where you spent less time worrying about daily food preparation.In addition to recipes for everyday, we also included some more elaborate recipes that are good for special seasons (winter, summer, monsoon).we also provide our special recipes by well-known chef in our chef 's kitchen category.The special diet category is useful for reconstructing the dietary habits of the ancient world. we can all become closer to our food and the role that food plays in our own health, the local economy, and our global environment. Join us and learn how to eat fresh, cook local, be healthy, save the planet.

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5 April 2013

desiging is super. . good job {y}


20 March 2013

I was not knowing how to cook Chinese dosa and by downloading and using this app the dosa made by me were delicious and awesum!!!!!!!! It was my first time and the output was very good~!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~!!!!THANKS FOOD FACTORY!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~