Football Management Ultra FMU 2015

Join the most realistic fantasy soccer manager game with live gameplay and competition against other players in FMU. Build and manage your own fantasy soccer club, leading it from the lower leagues into premier league in your country and qualify for the worldwide champions league competition. - Real-life league and cup competition structure - Most realistic in-depth gameplay - Real-time dynamic transfer market - Upgrade stadium-, training, and shop facilities - Show your ability to develop talents into superstars - Control the club’s finance - Optimal user experience with staff members to assist you You will compete against friends and other online managers - across multiple platforms - in a very interactive fpl game with fixtures every day and a highly engaged community. Download FMU now and get free credits and free in-game money to kick start your career as fpl manager! ************************* BUILD YOUR FOOTBALL CLUB To be a successful football trainer you need to demonstrate your ability and manage all aspects like finances, youth academy, transfer market, matchday tactics, stadium facilities, training facilities, player development, and public relation to the media. STADIUM A big part of your club’s revenue is generated at the stadium, which ís very important for you handle and optimise through your career. You can expand your stadium to get more spectators, but to increase their spendings you need to manage and optimise the stadium’s facilities like the restaurants, hot dog stands, shops, and merchandises. PREMIER LEAGUE SYSTEM FMU competition reflects the league structure from the real world with national leagues, national cups, and international champions league. You compete in your own country against other national online football trainers, where clubs are promoted and relegated every season. The top league is premier league, where you can qualify for the international champions league and compete against the best football trainers in the world in real-time. FMU is fast-paced since 1 season is approx. 28 days in real-time. BACKROOM STAFF All your staff members are here to assist you through your career, which makes the game feel more realistic and personal. It enhance the gameplay to be more fast-paced and easy to navigate. The sweet blonde personal secretary will keep track of your calendar, while your sporting director, financial director, assistant manager, youth academy coach, chief scout, physio, stadium manager, and your PR-officer will assist you to become the greatest online fpl manager of all time. TRANSFER MARKET Buy and sell players to improve your squad in the real-time and dynamic transfer market, where you negotiate directly with the other online football trainers. Scouting and evaluating players have never been more simple. Send your chief scout to find the next wonderkid. Your ability of good business acumen is vital. TRAIN AND DEVELOP PLAYERS The competition is great in this fpl so it’s crucial to train and develop your players’ skills in order to be able to win premier league, champions league and the cup. It has never been more manageable and simple in any fpl games like in FMU to schedule training and improve your players’ skills. Do you have the ability to develop young talents into the next superstar? TEAM TACTICS Preparing for matchday requires setting up the best tactic and lineup whether it’s lower league, premier league, champions league or cup matches. Your tactics ability as a football trainer is crucial to win matches. It’s easy to review your squad’s stats, skills, and performance and manage your tactics. Your assistant manager also have valuable recommendations for your tactics and style of play in relation to the squads performance and skills. TRAINING FACILITIES In order to win the cup, premier league, and champions league you need to keep upgrading your facilities so your squad have the best conditions to show their skills and win the football matches. 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  • Be a football manager ala FM15
  • Control every aspect of your club
  • Staff members to help you
  • Live football matches with animations
  • Follow livescore while matches run
  • Set your top eleven and win
  • The total football manager experience
  • Be a club manager and not as in FIFA where you control the player
  • Online Soccer Manager Game
  • Compete and win your way to the Premier League
  • It is a virtual or fantasy manager game

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9 February 2016

Its not bad but you can't play


23 October 2015



16 October 2015

I try it on facebook and I play tropheymanager from a long time put I want to say that trophy games are awesome