Forgotten Game of Ur

This Game has no name. For 5,000 years, we forgot it. Archaeologists call it Ur, in honor of the city, where it was discovered. The city where Abraham was born. There is no living person who knows original rules of this game, but we tried to repair them for you. Russian writer and popularizer of board games, Dmitry Skyruk proposed his own ruleset that makes this old game really interesting and unbelievable challenging. Try to play by our rules! Try to win! Believe me or not, it is not as easy!


  • Perfectly balanced rules and dynamical gameplay
  • Ancient game in a new design
  • Comfortable controls
  • Unique Sumer style menus and dialogs
  • Customizable AI with 5 difficulty levels

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29 August 2014

I can't play this game because of download problems. When I first went to the game in the store I was offered the opportunity to "try" the game first. This downloaded a file but it was not a game file. It downloaded to my laptop as a Notepad text file and would not install. Therefore I was NOT able to try the game. If the trial version won't work why would I think the full version would work??? Very sad because the description was very intriguing.


24 July 2014

wont even download right!

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