Fortune Teller - The Latest Vegas Hit!

***Find out for FREE what the most mysterious JACKPOT PARTY has in store for you!*** Fortune Teller free pokies is the most magical slots machine you will ever come across, because that is what the crystal ball says. It is full of everything you will want to know about your future. And joining you in this free pokies game will be Baba Yaga, the most famous fortune teller of Slavic countries. Set out on a journey into the casinos of Las Vegas where your co-player is none other than fortune tellers from the Sahara, Asia, and other exotic cultures. You will encounter the Roma and the Moors on your voyage. Win massive jackpots and bonuses after playing on the most mysterious game of pokies for free. There are tons of games to choose on this five-reel machine. For most authentic, luxurious, and realistic free pokies experience outside of the famous and expensive casinos of Los Angeles, download Fortune Teller pokies now. Joining the gang gives you 5,000 points. Play well and you can continue to grab millions of dollars of fantastic money that the most Las Vegas discos would rather hide. Download to start playing on this five-reel, high-definition (HD), and 20-machine slots machine. Playing slots was never so interesting. Download Fortune Teller Free Pokies now. Key features  Incredible payouts  Topnotch performance across all Android devices  Different ways to win  Most authentic experience  5000 free coins to get you going  High-definition (HD) graphics  Multiple customization options  Regular updates  Massive bonuses Meet the fortune teller and ask her to let you win at the jackpot party of your life. REVIEWS FROM THE CRYSTAL BALL · Like it. Keeps me glued. I enjoy the game very much. · The thrill and adventure is just beyond comprehension. · Classic imagery! I like this slots machine a lot. It’s been created for disco aficionados like me. · The sounds are so realistic that you feel like in a real studio. · You’ll need heart to play. The game is so beautifully designed that it’ll take your heartbeat for a rollercoaster ride. You can’t play it unless you’re strong. NOTE: Please note that although Fortune Teller Slots is a free game, you always have the option to BUY MORE COINS with REAL MONEY. You can buy thousands of coins for merely $1.50. You can play to your heart’s content and be sure you’ll never run out of coins.


  • Exciting Multislot Adventure
  • Different Bonus Games and Surprises!
  • Exciting Mini Games
  • Free coins to get you on your journey
  • Easy to play and control

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21 June 2016



14 June 2016

good game,it pays to play


8 June 2016

Lots of wins


7 May 2016

Alright so far


26 April 2016



27 March 2016

good game - LIKE IT


26 March 2016



22 March 2016

Cool Games Great.


21 March 2016

good but not great with just touch pad wish they got rid of the bonous with the razer slice


11 February 2016

Loads of Fun.

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