Explore the hidden details of the Mandelbrot set. FractalFactory is a simple app that makes an infinite number of images. It helps you visualize details of the Mandelbrot set and makes detailed, colourful images. Navigate the Mandelbrot set and home in on any section. Select an area on the screen to create a new image. Adjust the colour settings to create new images and shapes. FractalFactory supports images in Square, Four Thirds or Full Screen format. Pinch or double tap to zoom or swipe to shift the image. Save the images in a range of sizes. You can use them to make photo prints and frame them for your wall. Share the images or the Fractal Header files so that you can reproduce the images.


  • Create and save images in jpeg format.
  • Save fractal data so you can reproduce the images.
  • Share the images and fractal header files.
  • Adjust the size of files to create HD images in four thirds, square or full-screen format.
  • Pinch/expand and swipe to zoom or navigate.
  • Double tap to zoom in.
  • Adjust the level of detail.

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3 July 2015

Does not work on surface pro 3 with i5