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    V1.1 Release 1) Interstitial on Main Page that shows best books of the day right on the main page. To see the remaining books please press the 'Free Kindle (TM) Books' panel on the left.

Free Books for PC

FREE! Get it NOW! Free Books for PC provides you curated lists of the best free books and book deals daily. Please Note: Requires separate Kindle (TM) for Windows 8 (TM) App to read books. 1) Daily Lists of the best new free books for Kindle (TM). 2) Daily List of the best new book deals for Kindle (TM). 3) Curated so you get the best offers and deals. Important: Please check the prices at Amazon (TM) before buying. Book prices can change any time of the day so PLEASE check the price at Amazon (TM) BEFORE buying. Important: Please make sure the book is free for ALL users, and not just for Amazon PRIME (TM) Subscribers. The App comes with several strong features - 1) Browse and buy within the App. By using WebView we let you buy the free books and book deals you want within the app itself. 2) Easy Navigation. 3) Lists of Books you can quickly browse through. 4) Information about Genre, Price, Ratings. We open the book page right in the app so you can read reviews and make a decision in the app itself. 5) Blog View to view as a blog or Books List view to navigate book by book. 6) Filtering by Genre. See only free books and deals from your favorite genres. The simple, elegant design and easy usability makes it fun to use. You don't have to be a rocket scientist (or even a catapult scientist) to use it. Tested and works fine on - 1) PCs (tested on a 23.6" PC). 2) Laptops. The App Supports Filled and Snapped Views. For the best user experience please use it full-screen or in Filled View. You need enough screen space to be able to browse book details. Do give our app a try - You'll love it! Please Note: 1) Surface RT (TM) is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. We only use the name for identification purposes i.e. to let you know that we tested this app on it and it's compatible. All rights in and to the Microsoft Marks are Microsoft's exclusive property, and any goodwill generated by our use of any Microsoft Mark will inure to Microsoft's exclusive benefit. We will not take any action that is in conflict with Microsoft's rights in or ownership of any Microsoft Mark. 2) Amazon (TM), Kindle (TM), Amazon PRIME (TM) are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. We only use them for identification purposes i.e. so users know what our App is about. All rights in and to the Amazon Marks are Amazon's exclusive property, and any goodwill generated by our use of any Amazon Mark will inure to Amazon's exclusive benefit. We will not take any action that is in conflict with Amazon's rights in or ownership of any Amazon Mark. Please Note: This app was not created or endorsed by Amazon. Download it now ... For FREE!


  • Daily Free Kindle Book Lists
  • Daily Book Deals List
  • Supports Surface (TM)
  • Supports ARM
  • Supports Desktops & Laptops
  • Simple Easy to use Design
  • Optimized for Quick Use
  • Browse and Buy from Inside the App OR If you prefer, launch the browser

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14 April 2015

the nicest thing to happen to books


22 October 2014

Sucks nothing free about a 30 day trail... and sign up with credit card info.... all nice books though... but there hundreds of libraries if I wanted to rent a book...smh....


29 July 2014

Super app......reminds me to check on what is new, and even better, free! I have picked up some gems. Having the icon pinned to my taskbar also reminds me to take a break and remember that I love to read!


7 July 2014

books listed on amazon show free for prime , go to list only shows trash


3 June 2014

Love Christian fiction


24 May 2014

New titles daily. Rarely is there a mistake.


15 April 2014

This is a great application


7 April 2014

A ton of great books and for free... no gimmicks


6 April 2014

I like the app, but wish there was an easier way to eliminate genres or search specific genres... I.E. exclude "self help" genres and include "fiction, science fiction" genres... etc. The genre search is rudimentary.


23 March 2014

Waste of my time

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