FreeCell For You

FreeCell For You is a version of the interesting FreeCell game. It has 50 Levels. Start playing and have fun!


  • 50 Levels
  • Undo
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6 May 2016

Ads on edge can cover right side column of cards ( not completely) other than that, love it


8 April 2016

I enjoy this version of FreeCell. My only complaint is that I wished I could change the backs of the cards. Sometimes difficult to tell one card from another.


4 February 2016

I really enjoyed playing this game


13 January 2016

Great game; sticking with this app. Hard to see if a 2 is a 3; could be the design I chose. Have to drag the cards instead of just clicking, but I like it overall. Not sure the levels get more difficult or not. Will continue to play often.